Misionero's Nicole Zapata Breaks Down New Green Wave Brand

Misionero's Nicole Zapata Breaks Down New Green Wave Brand

MONTEREY, CA - Misionero, California-based veggie grower, knows that the best way to make waves in the industry is to start one yourself. The company recently introduced its Green Wave Farms brand to the market, and based on my conversation with Nicole Zapata, Marketing Director, it’s a debut that retailers need to watch out for.

Nicole Zapata, Marketing Director, Misionero “We organically incorporated the Green Wave Farms lines under our Misionero umbrella,” Nicole began. “Since 2012, Green Wave Farms has produced value-added products, including organic value-added Brussels sprouts, sugar snap peas, and trimmed green beans. The brand has continuously expanded offerings and capacity throughout the years to meet consumer demand.”

Misionero’s portfolio has grown alongside its brand offerings, as the company continues to build out its product lines beyond salads and leafy greens. Its labels include Green Wave Farms, Earth Greens, and Garden Life, all of which collectively focus on value-added products, innovations, and consumer satisfaction.

Debuting a new brand and multiple new product offerings, Misionero is touting an expanded portfolio serving as a one-stop-shop for retailers

“Value-added products are continuing to rise in popularity, especially as consumers are looking for items that are safe, easy, and ready-to-use now more than ever,” Nicole explained to me when I asked about the reasoning behind this expansion strategy. “We’ve noticed more households are buying value-added fresh foods. According to the FMI Power of Produce 2020, 94 percent of U.S. households have bought at least some value-added produce. Value-added produce represents 23.1 percent of total produce sales. We’re grateful our Green Wave Farms line is able to meet consumer demands, especially during this time.”

Its dedication to both consumers and buy-side partners remains strong, so keep reading AndNowUKnow as we continue to report the latest from Misionero.


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