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Mucci Farms' Director of Sales, Steve Zaccardi, Discusses Winter Program

Mucci Farms' Director of Sales, Steve Zaccardi, Discusses Winter Program

KINGSVILLE, ONTARIO, CANADA - Although the winter blues have pricked the hearts of some, it certainly has not pierced the heart of Mucci Farms. Well into its winter program, the greenhouse grower is bringing to market fresh vegetables and fruit that will liven up any produce department. I spoke with Steve Zaccardi, Director of Sales, to learn more.

Steve Zaccardi, Director of Sales, Mucci Farms“Our winter program is focused on a variety of products that we grow year-round, with several of them being grown through our lit culture program with the help of High Pressure Sodium or LED supplemental lighting. Multiple varieties of tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, and strawberries are offered throughout the winter months,” Steve explained to me.

Additionally, as the company continues to put sustainability at the forefront of its business model, it has worked diligently to promote local production.

Mucci Farms provides consumers with high-quality fruits and vegetables 365 days a year

“We have aggressively increased local production to provide consumers with locally and regionally grown vegetables throughout the winter months, increase food safety, and reduce travel miles. Most recently, we expanded into Huron, Ohio, where we are exclusively growing Tomatoes on the Vine under lights,” he commented. “We are in our second season of harvesting from Phase 1, the first of three 25-acre greenhouses, and construction on the final two phases has begun. Between Canada and the United States, we currently have a little over 100 acres of high-tech glass greenhouses equipped with HPS or LED lighting with plans in place to increase that acreage by 65 acres over the next two years.”

Mucci Farms prides itself on being a vertically-integrated company that grows, packs, ships, and markets its produce

Not only is this vertically-integrated company doubling down on expansion, it's a one-stop-shop for retailers.

“We grow, pack, ship, and market all of our products and partner with retailers to bring the world’s most flavorful and unique varieties to market. We focus on building relationships that are not just transactional, but reflect true partnerships to provide consumers with high quality fruits and vegetables 365 days a year,” Steve remarked. “With a significant acreage of our own farms under lights and a partner-grower network of over 1500 acres, we have the supply, passion, and expertise to service our clients efficiently and with excellence.”

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