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National Raisin Company Launches New Website for Raisels

National Raisin Company Launches New Website for Raisels

FOWLER, CA - A new online store is aiming to bring beloved Raisels® Sourlicious Golden Raisins to consumers’ doorsteps, thanks to this latest launch by the National Raisin Company. The independent packer of dried fruit has long been distributing its product to schools throughout, beginning its efforts in 2012.   

LindaKay Abdulian, CEO, National Raisin Company“We are so excited to finally launch our online store,” shared LindaKay Abdulian, CEO. “We receive requests from families across the country every day who eat Raisels at school and want to purchase them. It’s a healthy alternative to gummy fruit snacks and other candies.”

According to a press release, Raisels are sour, fruit-flavored golden raisins, which are then sprinkled with a touch of sugar to awaken their flavor. The flavors currently include Watermelon Shock, Fruit Splash, Orange Burst, and Lemon Blast—each of which are all-natural.

National Raisin Company's Raisels

The National Raisin Company touts many health benefits for Raisels, including:

  • Real fruit as its number one ingredient
  • 100% RDI for Vitamin C
  • Fat-Free
  • Cholesterol-Free
  • No Artificial Sweeteners
  • Kosher Certified
  • Gluten-Free

Established in 1969 by Ernest, Kenneth, and Krikor Bedrosian, National Raisin Company is one of the world’s largest independent dried fruit packers. Today, the company is spearheaded by CEO and President LindaKay Abdulian, daughter of original Founder Krikor Bedrosian.

To learn more about Raisels and to see the new website for yourself, visit raisels.com.

National Raisin Company

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