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NatureFresh Farms to Promote TomBox and TomBar at Upcoming United Fresh Convention

NatureFresh Farms to Promote TomBox and TomBar at Upcoming United Fresh Convention

LEAMINGTON, ON - NatureFresh™ Farms will be promoting its newest, unique approach to tomato merchandising at the United Fresh convention this week. Meet the TomBar™.

NatureFresh™ Farms TomBar™

Designed and fabricated by NatureFresh sister company, South Essex Fabricating, a greenhouse designer and builder, the TomBar™ gives consumers the opportunity to select the tomatoes they want from a bar similar to the traditional olive bar and place them in their own TomBox™.

Peter Quiring, Founder, NatureFresh™ Farms“Our best customers are our best partners,” said Peter Quiring, NatureFresh Founder. “They share the same culture and hunger to be different. They understand that they need to look beyond what a customer says they want and also deliver something they need.”

Quiring continued by saying that the company sees a trend of the consumer being “more accountable to themselves for what they put into their bodies.” As a result, progressive growers and retailers must be driven to be better communicators. This trend, according to a press release, encourages transparency and new ways of merchandising, like the TomBox™.

NatureFresh™ Farms TomBar™

“Business should be fun,” according to Quiring. Collaboration with retail partners to come up with new ideas, take a few risks, try new things, improve on processes, and getting customers to be excited about eating well can be achieved by delivering “clarity of information and consistency of product,” said Quiring.

NatureFresh™ Farms TomBar™

To learn more about NatureFresh™ Farms and its commitment to its retail partners and customers, visit Booth #1218 at United Fresh.

NatureFresh™ Farms

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