Naturipe Farms Discusses Peak Organic Blueberry Season and Record Volumes

Naturipe Farms Discusses Peak Organic Blueberry Season and Record Volumes

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SALINAS, CA - When I hear “peak season,” I think promotions, ad opportunities, and innovative ways to drive demand. In the case of the blueberry category, so does Naturipe Farms. The company is celebrating the Year of the Blueberry this month by announcing its third annual FeBLUEary campaign and peak organic blueberries ready to ship.

CarrieAnn Arias, Vice President of Marketing, Naturipe Farms“When you think of peak blueberry season, you probably think of warm summer months when you might visit a local farm and pick your own berries. That’s one peak for sure. But for the growers that supply fresh blueberries to your local grocery store, peak season comes earlier. And at Naturipe, we are the first out of the gate,” CarrieAnn Arias, Vice President of Marketing, stated. “February is our first organic blueberry peak, and it begins before the rest of the industry. For consumers who prefer organic blueberries, it’s a particularly exciting time with record-high volume being available. Now’s the time to get fresh, tasty, high-quality berries.”

Naturipe is reporting record levels of organic blueberries, ready to ship this February

Naturipe’s organic blueberries are at record levels in February during the organic peak but will be available all year round for retailer partners. Consider cross-merchandising with strawberries. Both are much loved during Valentine’s Day and can increase the overall ring at the register.

With FeBLUEary already upon us, retailers can tap signage opportunities and specialty displays throughout grocery stores, as well as blueberry-inspired recipes on Naturipe’s social media channels. Three years ago, Naturipe kicked off the FeBLUEary program to celebrate the first peak volume of organic blueberries for the year, according to a press release. The celebration this year is even more exciting as the company will see record volume of both organic and conventional blueberries in 2020.

Naturipe is celebrating the Year of the Blueberry with its third annual FeBLUEary campaign

“Last month we announced this year is expected to be our biggest blueberry year on record. Now that February is here, we’ll start seeing the fruits of our labor as the anticipated production comes to life in stores across the country,” added Arias. “Consumers have become increasingly interested in all of the innovative ways to incorporate our berries into every meal. We cannot wait to celebrate all of our berries this FeBLUEary and beyond.”

With a February full of opportunities like these, it is hard to truly be “blue” about anything, really. Pun intended.

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