Online Grocery Shopping Expected to be a $9.5B Industry By 2017

Online Grocery Shopping Expected to be a $9.5B Industry By 2017

LOS ANGELES, CA - Fusion Marketing's Consumer InsightsTM research is suggesting the emergence of an important consumer preference shift, revealing that the modern consumer is 200% more willing to engage in the online grocery marketplace compared to this time last year. By 2017 Fusion Marketing expects this marketplace to have grown exponentially in size into a $9.5 billion industry, $1 billion for fresh produce alone.

Steven Muro, President and Founder of Fusion Marketing“We are witnessing consumer perception change from being reluctant to buy to testing the waters and making purchases,” explains Steven Muro, President and Founder of Fusion Marketing. “Consumers typically aren’t spending a lot online overall. Our research conducted in 2013 and 2014 indicates that a larger percentage of consumers have made a produce purchase, but many spent under $25.00 per shopping occasion.”

One example of this increasing comfort level is revealed by a significant drop in consumer's concerns over the food quality and freshness of the produce they received via online shopping markets. According to a press release, today's consumer is much less concerned about whether their food will arrive fresh. Fusion Marketing suggests this is due to previous positive online shopping experiences in which expectations were met, creating a new bond of trust between online retailer and consumer.

How many dollars of profit for the industry this growing bond will develop into is still an open question. If Fusion Marekting is correct however, its looking to be a very nice number.

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