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Oppy Announces JAZZ™ Instagram Contest With Sensational Prizes

Oppy Announces JAZZ™ Instagram Contest With Sensational Prizes

VANCOUVER, BC - The sun is out and consumers are headed off to summer vacations and outdoor destinations in the coming weeks. The most savvy of consumers will be sure to bring along something extra–a freshly rebranded New Zealand JAZZ™ apple. Not only refreshing to the palate, these apples have the potential to refresh the wallets of some customers through JAZZ apples’ Summer Vacation Sensation Instagram Contest, boosting sales along the way.

David Nelley, Vice President, Categories, Oppy

“This is a great opportunity for our retail partners to promote fresh-crop New Zealand JAZZ apples,” said Vice President of Categories for Oppy, David Nelley. “The fruit is excellent in quality, and excitement is already gathering around the refreshed brand at the store level and on social media. It’s going to be a great season, with numerous initiatives driving people to the JAZZ display.”

Oppy Jazz Apple Instagram Contest

A $3,000 grand prize is being offered for the winner of the contest, according to a press release. The company is encouraging Instagram users to snap some “sensational” photos of the fruit during their summer adventures–whether on vacation or any destination setting, to create a “brand buzz” while conveying the upbeat personality, and versatility of the JAZZ apple. The contest will run from June 19 through the next eight weeks.

Joe Barsi, President, T&G Global North America

“As part of the JAZZ brand refresh, we’re reminding everyone of the apple’s amazing portability,” said Joe Barsi, President of T&G Global, North America, owner of the JAZZ apple brand. “With a dense texture and crisp crunch, not to mention an always-refreshing eating experience, a JAZZ apple is truly the ideal travel companion.”

While developing the newly refreshed JAZZ brand, research revealed that the apple resonates with well-traveled, socially-connected taste-seekers; or, consumers who are always looking for the latest and the new, and enjoy sharing their discoveries.

Oppy Jazz Apple Instagram Contest

T&G and its marketing partner Oppy will work closely with retailers to create support for the campaign, while amplifying it on multiple social media platforms through the summer. JAZZ apples are available year-round via domestic and import crops, offered exclusively by CMI Orchards, Oppy, and Rainier Fruit Company.

Brock Nemecek, Regional Marketing Manager, T&G Global, North America“We believe the contest will appeal to the precise audience the brand aims to reach, and are excited to present this high-profile, fun opportunity to attract and engage that audience this summer and beyond,” said Brock Nemecek, Regional Marketing Manager for T&G Global, North America. “This initiative will not only keep JAZZ apples top-of-mind and in shoppers’ carts over the next couple months, but will also establish consumer connections that the brand will foster year round.”

Oppy will offer additional memory-making prizes to match the promotion and further inspire consumers. These prizes include Yeti coolers, GoPro cameras, and other outdoor-fun gear for runner-up winners.

Join in the fun and post your most sensational travel photos, featuring a fresh crop of JAZZ apples on Instagram by following and tagging @jazzappleus, and #jazzsensation.


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