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Organic Grower Summit 2022 Announces Regenerative Agriculture Education Session; Matt Seeley and Jessy Beckett Parr Comment

Organic Grower Summit 2022 Announces Regenerative Agriculture Education Session; Matt Seeley and Jessy Beckett Parr Comment

MONTEREY, CA - Regenerative agriculture. It’s the talk of the town—or rather, it’s about to be. As industry members prepare to gather for the Organic Grower Summit 2022 (OGS) slated for November 30–December 1 in Monterey, California, the latest topic of discussion has been announced: “Regenerative Organic Marketing and Certification—What Lies Ahead?

Matt Seeley, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Organic Produce Network“In partnership with Western Growers, this year’s OGS will provide up-to-date resources and information to support the continued success of organic producers, with an emphasis on the changing organic production landscape as well as the role of ag technology,” said Matt Seeley, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Organic Produce Network. “From seed to soil to harvest, our goal is to present the most relevant and timely information on the most important subjects and issues facing organic production.”

According to a press release, this panel will include industry experts representing several aspects of organic production, including an organic grower, a regenerative organic certifier, and one of the nation’s largest marketers of organic food. They will be sharing in-depth insights on growing regenerative crops, the future of regenerative production, and how the retail community can manage and market these items to consumers.

The Organic Grower Summit 2022 recently announced the “Regenerative Organic Marketing and Certification—What Lies Ahead?” session, which will discuss the future of organic production and role of ag technology in the sector

The panel, which will be monitored by Jessy Beckett Parr, Chief Program Officer of CCOF, will feature Scott Park, Owner of Park Farming Organics; Elizabeth Whitlow, Executive Director for Regenerative Organic Alliance; and Ann Marie Hourigan, Senior Team Leader of Quality Standards Team at Whole Foods Market.

Jessy Beckett Parr, Chief Program Officer, CCOF“As an organic community, we need to stay informed and integrated into the regenerative conversation. And as market forces push for the adoption of regenerative claims and language, what does this mean for the organic brand and label?” commented Parr. “This panel will address the trends and standards of regenerative organic marketing and certification.”

As explained in the release, regenerative organic agriculture prioritizes soil health and includes high standards for animal welfare and worker fairness, aiming to create farm systems that work in harmony with nature to improve the quality of life of every creature involved.

Booth and general registration are currently open for the fifth annual Organic Grower Summit. To register or learn more, click here.

ANUK will continue bringing more updates as this event approaches!

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