Peri & Sons Farms® Discusses Holiday Promotions; Teri Gibson Details

Peri & Sons Farms® Discusses Holiday Promotions; Teri Gibson Details

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YERINGTON, NV - Holiday cooking has changed drastically over the last few years. As consumers adjusted to life during the pandemic and afterward, home cooking has taken center stage in a big way. To ensure that retailers have the programs necessary to fulfill shoppers’ needs, companies like Peri & Sons Farms® have robust organic offerings on deck.

I spoke with Teri Gibson, Director of Marketing, to find out more.

Teri Gibson, Director of Marketing, Peri & Sons Farms®“Our specialty organic cipollinis and shallots are available only for the holiday season and the unique no-plastic clamshell packs they come in are biodegradable and recyclable. They also happen to be adorable,” Teri shared with me. “It’s a perfect offering for consumers concerned about plastic packaging and seeking better options.”

Limited-time offerings appeal to shoppers—that fear of missing out is real! Peri & Sons also has additional promotions to make sure that retailers put the product front and center in its most appealing way.

Creative and informative signage adds to the customer’s grocery shopping experience,” Teri explained. “The primary reason consumers cite for choosing in-store grocery shopping over online shopping is to see and select fresh produce, so it makes sense to include engaging and informative signage.”

Signage is one of those store design elements that can be changed frequently to keep the produce section fresh and relevant.

“We offer free, customizable point-of-sale (POS) materials to help our customers promote sales. Signage can and should be engaging. Simple, everyday experiences are being shared on social media, so it’s important to consider that signage isn’t only seen by the shopper who’s physically there—it’s also for their friends, family, and followers,” Teri noted.

Peri & Sons Farms® is ensuring retailers have opportune programs at the ready with robust organic offerings such as specialty organic cipollinis and shallots

In terms of planning for the holidays, Teri had words of advice for buyers to make sure their programs succeed.

“Keeping the lines of communication open between the grower and buyer is key. When the promotion planning process includes a discussion with the grower beforehand to better understand what will be available during the promotion period, everyone wins,” Teri remarked. “For example, we have a plentiful supply of shallots right now, so they would be an excellent promotional item. In general, a promotion is more likely to succeed when flexibility is built into the planning process, so growers can move what’s fresh on hand (even if it varies from spec a bit) and buyers don’t have to spend time shopping around for a specific product and getting frustrated when it’s not available.”

We’ll continue to keep an eye on the holiday programs coming down the pike, so stay tuned to us here at AndNowUKnow.

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