Pinterest Predicts Produce Trends Will Soar in 2018

Pinterest Predicts Produce Trends Will Soar in 2018

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA - While it may be the end of the year on the calendar, for many of us in produce its just the beginning of looking at what new trends will be on consumers’ radars come 2018. As those in marketing and product development start putting their thinking caps on to come up with next year’s innovative solutions, we are taking a look at a site that has their finger directly on the pulse of consumers wildest fantasies—Pinterest!

Edamame and Chickpea Burger

According to lifestyle media website Popsugar, which delved into Pinterest’s yearly “Pinterest 100” trend list, produce will be at the top of many consumer’s lists in the New Year. Here’s a look at just a few fruit and veg ideas that may be raking in next year’s top sales numbers:

Snap Pea Snacking

With people moving away from high-processed and fried chips and snacks, consumers will likely have their eyes on a new crunchy and healthy treat—snap peas! Dressing up snap peas or even edamame with some extra seasoning and dips is going to be one way shoppers will be adding more produce to their snacking regimen.

Air-Fried Produce

Even if consumers can’t say goodbye to their fried snacks completely, there is a new oil-free twist that might be providing that craveable crunch people clamor for. Behold the air fryer, which can be used to make anything from apple and sweet potato chips to even a healthier french fry! I am all for this trend making a big wave next year.

Air Fried Apple Crisps

Plant-Based Protein

You’ve probably heard of #MeatlessMonday, but are you living it yet? As shoppers continue to look towards more sustainable ways to get their protein fix, vegetarian "meat" will likely find a big place in the market come 2018. Mushrooms, peas, edamame, lentils, quinoa, beans, and even hemp will be finding their way into burgers sooner than you might think, and bringing a big protein punch along with them.

Souping is the New Juicing

“Juicing is so last year,” according to Pinterest. Veggies are now finding their way into soups by way of vegetable broth, pureed veggie soups, and conventional soups packed to the brim with different produce categories. Pop Sugar wrote that sipping on these savory, nutrient-rich soups is a great way to detox if you're not a fan of sweeter juices, and even noted that food star Ayesha Curry has been touting "souping" as a form of eating healthy lunches on-the-go.

Vegan Vegetable Broth

New Firey Hot Sauces

While not 100% a produce trend, I can certainly see myself slathering this one all over produce in 2018. Consumers’ sriracha obsession may be falling to the wayside as Korean condiments like gochujang, a spicy paste made with red chili, rice, fermented soybeans, and salt, are stepping into place. Keep long-loved produce options interesting in the New Year by pairing your fruit and veg with the latest in hot sauce trends.

Still not satisfied with these five food trends? Check out Popsugar’s full list here, and the Pinterest 100 list for even more trendy 2018 inspiration!