Produce for Better Health Proclaims September is National Fruits and Veggies Month

Produce for Better Health Proclaims September is National Fruits and Veggies Month

BRENTWOOD, MO - September is known as the month for a lot of things: Better Breakfast Month, Classical Music Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, Honey Month. Now, it will also be known as National Fruits and Veggies Month™ (NFVM). The Produce for Better Health Foundation (PBH) is celebrating all things fruit and veg during the month of September to encourage consumers to eat more every day.

Wendy Reinhard Kapsak, Registered Dietitian and President and CEO, Produce for Better Health“We know many industry stakeholders and consumer-facing influencers look forward to September as a prime time to focus on categorically promoting fruits and vegetables to consumers, ultimately for the public good, and this year, PBH has an invigorating story to share with the new Have A Plant™ Movement,” says Wendy Reinhard Kapsak, Registered Dietitian and President and CEO. “The time is now to celebrate food rooted in a better mood with everyone’s favorite plants—fruits and veggies.”

Traditionally known as National Fruits and Veggies – More Matters™ Month, the organization is refining the title to elevate fruit and vegetable consumption as a national priority and to encourage a less-prescriptive approach when talking about and enjoying fruits and veggies, according to the press release.

The NFVM theme, Have A Plant™—Food Rooted In A Better Mood, ties directly to the PBH’s new behavioral science-based call-to-action, Have A Plant. Through its transformational research and consumer insights platform, PBH further established Americans’ need for creative, yet simple advice to help them enjoy more fruits and vegetables each day. The new consumer movement, Have A Plant, aims to inspire Americans with actionable, realistic, and FUN steps to connect eating fruits and vegetables with feeling happier and healthier. And, with more people trying to enjoy plant-packed meals more often, Have A Plant reminds them that all fruits and vegetables are delicious, nutrient-rich plants.

PBH is amplifying that reminder by providing seven steps for consumers to show their support for National Fruits and Veggies Month:

  • Join the Have A Plant Movement: Enjoy all the fruits and veggies that you know and love—fresh, frozen, canned, dried and 100 percent juice—that taste great and are proven to support your health and happiness!
  • Rock the Have A Plant T-shirt: Click here to purchase a limited-time edition of PBH’s Have A Plant™ t-shirt for yourself, your friends, family, and colleagues.
  • Follow PBH’s Social Channels: Learn more about National Fruits & Veggies Month, get creative tips/tricks from PBH’s Fruit & Vegetable Ambassadors in Action (FVAA), and more on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn.
  • Take the Have A Plant Pledge: Whether it’s something you’ve been meaning to try, or just experimenting with adding something new to foods you already love, commit to adding one more fruit and/or vegetable to your routine everyday this month. Take the Have A Plant Pledge and download the graphic to share on your social media channels using #haveaplantpledge.
  • Spread the Fruit and Veggie Love on Social Media: Challenge friends, family, colleagues, and your community to get involved in National Fruits & Veggies Month. Doing so makes them more likely to engage in and win PBH’s social media contests but isn’t required. Include the hashtags, #haveaplant, #haveaplantpledge, and #NFVM2019 in any social media posts related to National Fruits & Veggies Month. Download sample posts and graphics here.
  • Chat It Up with PBH FVAA Members: Join in PBH’s September Twitter chat with PBH Fruit and Vegetable Ambassador in Action, Beau Coffron, Lunchbox Dad on Tuesday, September 17 at 2:00 p.m. ET to learn and share creative ways to pump up fruit and veggie intake using the hashtag, #NFVM2019.
  • Enter Weekly Contests and WIN! Participate in PBH’s weekly social media contests throughout September for a chance to win up to four $150 Amazon gift cards! At the start of each week in September, PBH will release a contest across their social channels.
    • Week of 9/2: Take a selfie with or picture of your colorful, plant-powered shopping cart while at the grocery store.
    • Week of 9/9: Take a selfie with or picture of a new fruit you tried.
    • Week of 9/16: Take a selfie with or picture of a new vegetable you ate.
    • Week of 9/23: Take a selfie with or picture of your plant-packed plate.

How will retailers take advantage of this campaign for more rings at the register? Stay with ANUK as we report more in the industry.

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