Revol Greens Doubles Production Capacity to Meet Growing Demand

Revol Greens Doubles Production Capacity to Meet Growing Demand

OWATONNA, MN - With fast-growing demand inevitably comes strategic expansion, and Revol Greens has quickly seen this trend unfold across its operations. With the need for a more consistent source of greenhouse-grown leafy greens on the rise, Revol Greens launched new USDA Certified Organic Spring Mix; Green & Red Duo; and Romaine Crunch in the first quarter of 2021, which quickly sold out among new and existing customers. To meet growing product demand, the company is now planning to double its production capacity.

Tom Thompson, Chief Revenue Officer, Revol Greens“Access to supply is at the forefront of many customers’ minds, given the volatile food chain, transportation capacity challenges, and underscored by demand for better-for-you and local and organically grown greens,” comments Tom Thompson, Chief Revenue Officer. “We can guarantee customers a 365-day source of USDA Certified Organic greens grown with our Plant Fed organic nutrient source without the supply volatility or recall risks associated with field-grown products.”

The supplier is now on a mission to become fully organic in all of its facilities. Later this summer, Revol will open its new Tehachapi, California, greenhouse, producing organic lettuce and blends. The increase in production space and capacity for its USDA Certified Organic line will complement the existing broad assortment of conventional and organic head lettuces and baby leaf products.

To meet growing product demand, Revol Greens is now planning to double its production capacity

After three years of R&D, Revol Greens has launched its newly developed and proprietary Plant Fed Organic™ fertilizer that is entirely free of animal byproducts, a press release stated. Revol landed on the patent-pending solution to further enhance the safety and integrity of its packaged lettuce. As with all Revol Greens products, the new plant-powered nutrient source and organic line are non-GMO and adhere to the brand’s Grown Clean and Green process.

Brendon Krieg, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Revol Greens“We knew that our Plant Fed nutrient source would meet a unique need in the market, but interest is outpacing expectations,” says Brendon Krieg, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Revol Greens is the only lettuce grower in the country providing USDA Certified Organic products for consumers seeking an option that is not only produced sustainably and locally, but is also organically grown through a 100 percent plant-based process.”

On top of this, no chemical cleaning or chlorine is used in Revol’s organic packaging process. Consumer interest in plant-based foods is at an all-time high, which further inspired the choice for Revol Greens to pursue an organic nutrient source. The company also noted that recent U.S. retail sales data shows plant-based foods have outpaced total food sales during the pandemic, up 90 percent year-over-year.

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