ScanTech Sciences Announces New Brand Identity and USDA Certification; Dwayne House Comments

ScanTech Sciences Announces New Brand Identity and USDA Certification; Dwayne House Comments

ATLANTA, GA - An exciting change is coming to light as ScanTech Sciences has unveiled its transition to a new name: Reveam. Complementing the new name is a reimagined brand promise, new corporate identity, and website, demonstrating the company’s achievement of full commercial operations as it looks to treat fruit and produce flowing through Texas border crossings along the Rio Grande Valley.

This critical milestone is the result of years of proprietary technology and process development, which also led to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) certification of its operations hub in McAllen, Texas.

Dwayne House, Chief Executive Officer, Reveam“Achieving USDA certification is a credit to all members of the team who have dedicated so many hours to the pursuit of safer and better-tasting fresh fruit and produce,” Reveam Chief Executive Officer Dwayne House said. “I’m proud of the pioneering work our team and technology has achieved and look forward to a safer, healthier, and more sustainable future. Now is the time to scale our commercial operations and accelerate growth under our new Reveam name and brand.”

As explained by House, the new branding represents the pivotal next stage in the industry innovator’s growth and internal transformation.

The Reveam name was inspired by the idea of renewal and a reimagined future enabled by ScanTech’s proprietary technology. The company’s cutting-edge treatment eliminates deadly pathogens and harmful pests while extending the shelf-life and food safety of produce products. As noted in a press release, ECP™ offers a fully integrated cold-chain in a chemical-free, heat-free process and promotes environmental sustainability.

ScanTech Sciences has unveiled its transition to a new name, Reveam, complete with a new brand identity and website

The company’s unique new brand positioning centers around its fundamental advantages as a novel alternative to traditional chemical agents that have an impact on the taste, appearance, and quality of the fruit and vegetables. In addition, it is also primely positioned to reduce food waste and costs while advancing its efforts to feed the world’s population.

To continue its growth as an ally in the fresh produce space, Reveam is looking to expand the varieties of fresh fruit and produce processed through its Rio Grande Valley ECP Center and expand operations to additional fresh food processing locations throughout the United States.

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