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Scotiabank Mexico Executive Director José Luis Meza Villarreal Discusses Boosting Productivity, Safety, and Health of Mexico Agriculture

Scotiabank Mexico Executive Director José Luis Meza Villarreal Discusses Boosting Productivity, Safety, and Health of Mexico Agriculture

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO - With the increasing demand for more fresh produce options, the Mexican agricultural sector is growing in leaps and bounds. To support today’s growth, and that yet to come, Scotiabank Mexico is working with growers to provide the much-needed resources to build their visions for the future while expanding their existing ones. The protected agriculture industry and open field are two of the main focuses, among several, with resources applied across the board.

José Luis Meza Villarreal recieving the "Premio Nacional Agroalimentario” (National agricultural award) for Scotiabank's outstanding services, portfolio, and customer service

José Luis Meza Villarreal (also known as Pepe), Executive Director of Scotiabank Agronegocios, took the time to speak with me about the opportunities within Mexican produce and the programs the team is offering to support the growing economy.

José Luis Meza Villarreal, Executive Director, Scotiabank Agronegocios“Scotiabank's priority is to boost the productivity, safety and health of products we fund, be it in either the agricultural or livestock sector,” Pepe tells me. “Therefore, companies should focus on current and future consumer needs worldwide.”

Scotiabank is recognizing that the topic of obesity is an incredibly delicate conversation occurring around the world, thus healthy, balanced, and nutritious food is very important for families both in Mexico and abroad.

“Fruits and vegetables are one of the best choices we have today for answering the healthy eating question,”Pepe adds. “However, different studies, like those from the United Nation’s FAO, indicate that by 2050, we must produce between 60% to 70% of the food we produce today! We will have less arable land and less usable water to make it happen.”

José Luis Meza Villarreal, Executive Director, Scotiabank Agronegocios

For Pepe and the Scotiabank Ag team, it is the responsibility of farmers, ranchers, researchers, and many others to change the way they grow to achieve more with less.

“Of course, in addition to good agricultural and livestock practices, technology is essential to achieving this,” Pepe says.

When Scotiabank refers to technology, they are speaking of everything ranging from the first seed, to processes for pest control and nutrition management; basically the entire scope that comprises field-to-fork, including certified methods for quality and food safety.

“Another important focus for our clients is respect for the environment. We encourage the proper use and management of water through pressurized irrigation systems, use of organic fertilizer made from compost, reducing pesticide use via protected agriculture,” Pepe notes. “These are only a few examples of the many means we encourage for environmentally responsible growing.”

José Luis Meza Villarreal, Executive Director, Scotiabank Agronegocios in the field

With all of this in mind, Scotiabank Mexico has been characterized in recent years as a key player in financing the food sector, especially within the agricultural industry.

So, what exactly are the benefits of working with Scotiabank? Pepe tells me that the way the program works along with its customer-centric focus has been fundamental in Scotiabank’s 38 percent annual growth over the last 6 years.

“Year to date 2015 we have grown our portfolio 38%!” Pepe says as he discusses the diverse ways Scotiabank interacts with customers in order to help them continue with their plans for growth, investment and strategy.

Based on these needs, Scotiabank builds a package tailored to each of its clients, including but not limited to:

  • Credit for working capital (short-term)
  • Credit for CapEx (long-term)
  • Currency Exchange
  • Hedges for exchange rates, commodities and interest
  • Cash management
  • Checking
  • Electronic banking

“Having a team of experts in the agricultural sector - growth prospecting, technical representatives and credit specialists - without a doubt, is one of the principal advantages of Scotiabank Mexico,” he adds.

While Scotiabank Mexico has a presence throughout the entire country, the best way to contact the company’s agricultural department is via email at [email protected] or with its executive team via telephone at  (55) 5123 1762 or (55) 5123 1742.

“I want to highlight that we are the recipients of the “Premio Nacional Agroalimentario” (National Agricultural Award) for our outstanding services, portfolio, and customer service; the highest award available in the category of goods and services given by the President of Mexico,” Pepe says. “Also, on November 12th, we will receive the “Premio Nacional TIF, as for the best service provider to the entire beef chain ”

Scotiabank has been in the fruit and vegetable business for over eight years, in both open field and protected agriculture. Stay tuned as we follow its progress and growth.

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