Side Delights Flavorables Offer Consumers a Quick, Convenient Option, Drives Retail Sales

Side Delights Flavorables Offer Consumers a Quick, Convenient Option, Drives Retail Sales

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA - When you’re living in a household of just one or two people, sometimes navigating the produce department can seem like a daunting undertaking. You might not know when you’ll be able to finally finish off that 5 lb. bag of potatoes, and even more challenging, what you’ll do with them to turn them into a meal worth having. 

Enter Side Delights Flavorables by Fresh Solutions Network. One pound microwaveable trays of petite potatoes, accompanied by bold and uniquely global seasoning blends; Smokin’ Tomato, Malaysian Curry, and Chimichurri.

Kathleen Triou, President, Fresh Solutions Network“62 percent of all households now consist of just one or two people. This is the highest percentage in history,” Kathleen Triou, President of Fresh Solutions Network, tells me as I ask her about why she thinks convenience products are so important for the potato category. “Despite the shift, 65 percent of potato volume is still sold in 5 lb. or greater bag sizes. The time is right to sell more offerings that cater to the smaller household, like our Side Delights Flavorables.”

An important aspect to the success of the Flavorables line is certainly its high-graphic and beautifully designed packaging. Millennials, such as myself, can easily see the modern-looking and bold color choices next to other microwaveable products on the shelf—a key difference in drawing in more eyes, and in turn, more sales. It doesn’t hurt that the product’s bold, global seasonings, as well as easy-to-see gluten-free & vegan labeling, draw in a crowd that is both ready for adventurous eating and committed to clean-eating.

“Side Delights Flavorables does the best job of capitalizing on flavors that are HOT, HOT, HOT right now with a range of consumers—all looking for excitement in an all-in-one side dish kit,” Kathleen continues. “We worked extensively with a prominent flavor house to analyze and target trending flavors that have already gained adoption in the marketplace and are proliferating across mass audiences in popular applications.”

And you won’t find overly familiar flavors coming to the line any time soon. Kathleen tells me that the company stayed away from flavor profiles that are considered “mature” in the marketplace. For example, she says you won’t find another “Four Cheese” or generic “Herb” seasoning profile in the Side Delights Flavorables line.

So, why does Kathleen think Flavorables will be a winning formula for retail buyers? It comes down to answering that age old question, "What's for dinner tonight?”

“It’s important for retailers to continue to grow the convenience and value-added fresh potato category segments by satisfying consumers' need for a quick to cook, flavorful, fresh potato product,” she says. “Flavorables leverage bold, global flavor trends that complement fresh potatoes and make them exciting again. The goal is to provide consumers with a potato 'kit' complete with fresh potatoes, cooking tray, and seasonings for an all-inclusive, healthy, convenient solution.”

Fresh Solutions Network provides an ever-growing list of solutions to that classic question, including Side Delights Steamables—one of the best selling microwave/steam potato products on the market, Side Delights Roastables—a convenient potato item for the oven or grill, and Side Delights Bakeables—a single-serve, wrapped, microwavable baked potato.

Will 2017 bring even more growth to one of my personal favorite produce categories? If Kathleen and the innovators over at Fresh Solutions Network have anything to say about it, it certainly will.

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