Southern Valley Holds Tacky Christmas Contest, Donates to Local Fund

Southern Valley Holds Tacky Christmas Contest, Donates to Local Fund

NORMAN PARK, GA – With holiday offerings rounding out the industry, Southern Valley recently held a different kind of offering in its office with a delightfully wacky theme. Hosting its first-ever Tacky Christmas Contest, Southern Valley employees brought out the best (or the worst) holiday clothing they could find.

Held on Friday, December 1, Southern Valley stated that the event was originally planned for fun entertainment, but took a heartwarming turn when Dug Schwalls took home the alluring $200 prize in a landslide victory.

Southern Valley's Director of Sales (and winner of the contest) Dug Schwalls, Director of Operations Jon Schwalls, and President & Co-Owner Kent Hamilton in their tackiest fashion

Based on a company-wide vote, Southern Valley initially intended for the winner to then choose a deserving fellow employee who deserved the monetary prize based on their yearly work performance. 

Dug Schwalls, Director of Sales, Southern Valley

However, in a generous twist, Dug immediately donated the $200 to a local fund that gives gifts to children in need."It’s not just giving them presents and food," Dug commented in regards to contributing to the fund. "It is about letting them know that there are good people out there that actually care about them."

The company noted that while the donation wasn’t to another employee as originally intended, the Southern Valley team could think of no better decision on his part. Several other employees also contribute annually to the fund. 

The Southern Valley team showing their Christmas spirit for the first annual Tacky Christmas Contest

Southern Valley declared the event a seasonal success, with employees turning out to the event true to form; proudly displaying their finest and tackiest Christmas garb. Southern Valley stated that its grateful for its team of employees who can gather and have a good time, but also are willingly generous during the holiday season.

What progressive and wacky tactics will the Southern Valley team bring to produce next? AndNowUKnow will be sure to give you all the latest.

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