Sprouts Farmers Market Quietly Unveils a Rebrand

Sprouts Farmers Market Quietly Unveils a Rebrand

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PHOENIX, AZ - A rebrand is no small feat, and when it is made without much fanfare it takes on the effect of a stone tossed in still waters, sending ripples throughout the newswire that grow bigger as they expand. Sprouts Farmers Market, which has long marketed itself as one of the fastest growing names in the game, has skipped quite the stone with the quiet unveiling of a new brand identity and slogan.

Across its Facebook cover, updated last week, is a sketched farmer and his dog driving a truck bed of produce, a brand new Sprouts logo on the door and the tagline Sprouts, Where Goodness Grows™ beneath.

A video series has launched to complement the new look and approach, following the same etching style while still spotlighting a produce focus, bringing it from the sketch of the farm to the physical produce department.

The new logo is a clean stamp, holding to the similar font we all know of the farmer-themed retailer, but instead of the box of produce on top and the circled outline, the O in the banner has become the circle, now its own leafy representation of the company’s rooted ag approach.

One thing is for sure, while this may be a whole new look for Sprouts Farmers Market, the message remains strongly tied to fresh with a new edge to deliver it.

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