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Starr Ranch Growers to Debut New Karma® Apple; Highlights JUICI™ Variety

Starr Ranch Growers to Debut New Karma® Apple; Highlights JUICI™ Variety

WENTACHEE, WA - The apple category in North America has seen an influx of new varieties in recent years, catapulting the bar on flavor and innovation and driving competition to cultivate the best of the best cultivars for retail success. As unique eating experiences meet the demand for health and wellness, companies like Starr Ranch Growers are showcasing exclusive variety superstars as we wrap up the first month of 2021.

Dan Davis, Director of Business Development, Starr Ranch Growers“We have made great strides and investments in helping to develop the right apple varieties with standout flavors, textures, and coloring,” Dan Davis, Director of Business Development shares with me. “In just a few months, we will be introducing Karma®, a new apple variety that has been in development over the past few years and will be a Starr Ranch Growers exclusive offering.”

As the spring months approach, Starr Ranch Growers will begin running a small lot of Karma that was picked off new trees this fall and will be sending out samples to its key retail partners and social media influencers to start amplifying the buzz.

As 2021 kicks off, Starr Ranch Growers has revealed its Karma® apple variety as the newest addition to the category

So, what is the buzz about? The exclusive Karma apple presents a vibrant bi-color skin, unique floral aromas, abundant juiciness, crisp texture, and a high brix content. With a hybrid parentage of Fuji/Golden and Honeycrisp, Karma is also naturally resistant to browning, as Dan adds.

Also taking to the stage this month is the popular Starr Ranch Growers JUICI apple. This exclusive variety boasts a balance of sweet and tart flavors, great crunch, and is a thinner-skinned apple with an enviable and long shelf-life.

In addition to its Karma® apple debut, Starr Ranch Growers will also be featuring its popular JUICI™ apple variety

“Starr Ranch Growers is always focusing on high flavor varieties and picking very selective winners,” Dan tells me. “We’re incredibly selective with what we’re bringing to market. Our technical team is evaluating copious test varieties but very few make the cut. It’s not about new varieties for the sake of having something new, it about finding something special that makes our offerings special for the consumer. JUICI has reinvigorated the category in our opinion; we think that the Karma apple will do the same in the years to come.”

Congrats to Starr Ranch Growers on an amazing start to 2021. We are excited to see what comes down the pipeline next!

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