Arizona Lettuce Industry Kicks Off 2020/2021 Harvest Season With Arizona Leafy Greens Month

Arizona Lettuce Industry Kicks Off 2020/2021 Harvest Season With Arizona Leafy Greens Month

PHOENIX, AZ - The state of Arizona has a personality all its own, and touts an impressive leafy greens industry to boot. Now through April, the 15 varieties of leafy greens grown in Arizona will be gathered and shipped to locations across the United States and Canada. This production results in the employment of nearly 27,000 individuals and an estimated $2 billion of the state’s economy each year. In recognition of the significant impact the leafy greens industry has on the state, Governor Doug Ducey has proclaimed November as Arizona Leafy Greens Month.

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“We approach each harvest season with a sense of pride and take our role as the top producer of leafy greens very seriously,” said C.R. Waters, Chairman of Arizona Leafy Greens Food Safety Committee. “Yet, there is also much joy and gratitude as the fruits of our labor come to fruition and another safe harvest begins being shipped to consumers across the country. Arizona Leafy Greens Month is an opportunity to generate awareness about our industry, while also celebrating the hard work that goes into it.”

As part of the month-long observance, Arizona’s Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement (LGMA) has partnered with the Yuma Safe Produce Council and will host a series of online giveaways related to the leafy greens industry and to food safety. Giveaways will be held weekly on Arizona LGMA’s Facebook page with followers asked to like, share, and comment on posts. Winners will be announced every Friday throughout the month of November, according to a press release.

The month of November has officially been declared as Arizona Leafy Greens Month by Governor Doug Ducey as an opportunity to generate awareness on the pivotal category

In addition to its social media giveaways, Arizona LGMA will launch a new newsletter, Harvest Times during Arizona Leafy Greens Month. The quarterly newsletter will highlight the successes of the season including new programs and initiatives as well as the people that ensure that every year their leafy greens are grown, harvested, and shipped in the safest possible manner. Further, it will serve as a resource on the Arizona Leafy Greens program and its history.

Teressa Lopez, Food Safety Committee Administrator, Arizona Leafy Greens Marketing Association“Arizona Leafy Greens Month is a vehicle to educate the public on the importance of the efforts done by the Arizona LGMA Technical subcommittee to keep the leafy greens we consume safe. The measures instituted by them are widely considered to be the most comprehensive in the industry. However, recognize that it is the cooperation and hard work of the farming community that truly ensure our success,” said Arizona Leafy Greens Food Safety Committee Administrator, Teressa Lopez.

For more information on Arizona LGMA and to sign up for the Harvest Times newsletter, click here.

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