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Stonefruit Prices Above Average This Summer Says Simonian VP Sales and Marketing

Stonefruit Prices Above Average This Summer Says Simonian VP Sales and Marketing

FOWLER, CA - Stonefruit prices have been higher than average in California, but with good volume in a season in which some growers are experiencing a below average harvest, Simonian Fruit Company is ready to capitalize. 

According to Jeff Simonian, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Simonian, smaller sized stonefruit are currently drawing a price point in the mid-teens with large sized stone fruit in the low-twenties, both of which are better than average.

“We've had a very good harvest so far this summer,” Jeff told AndNowUKnow reporters. “Right now we're in the middle of getting our mid season varieties ready for market, and everything going smoothly. Our fruits are coming in just like last year, and we're anticipating that they'll fetch a good price at market.”

The high prices are being fueled by an export market which continues to be strong as well as robust demand. Furthermore, Simonian has been fortunate to escape many of the water and weather issues affecting some stone-fruit growers this season, and has been able to fully benefit from the strong market for their fruits as a result.

Will these prices continue to rise? If demand stays strong and the weather and water conditions plaguing growers hold, they very well could. To find out for sure growers will have to wait for the market to develop, but so far conditions seemed primed for an increase.

Even with everything on their docket right now however, the people at Simonian are already looking ahead at their champagne grape harvest in the Central San Joaquin Valley and planning for the coming pomegranate harvest. Currently, the company is packing their yellow nectarines, yellow peaches, and plums.

“Pomegranates are less than 2 months away from starting for us as well,” Jeff said. “Once we start pomegranates in September, we’ll pack until November, and then ship through as late as February.”

All of Simonian's produce will be available to retailers in a variety of packaging options including clamshells, euro’s, RPC’s, bags, and both 1 and 2 layer options.

All in all, it seems to be yet another good summer for this successful California fruit grower.

The Simonian Fruit Company produces and markets premium quality apricots, nectarines, peaches, plums, pomegranates, persimmons, and grapes. They have been family owned since 1960.

Congratulations on a great harvest Simonian!


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