Sun Pacific Launches New Cuties® Filter for Snapchat

Sun Pacific Launches New Cuties® Filter for Snapchat

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SACRAMENTO, CA - It’s not every day I stumble upon something that brings the produce industry straight to my cell phone, but when I do, you best believe I get embarrassingly excited about it. That was certainly the case this weekend when I opened up my Snapchat app to send my friends a picture and came across the familiar face of Sun Pacific’s Cuties®.  

Sun Pacific has recently introduced a new filter option that allows Snapchat users to add a little bit of produce industry love to the photos and videos they send to their friends, where you can have a digital Cutie® of your own to give you a smooch. All the while, a grove of citrus surrounds the image, with the words “I Love Cuties®” emblazoned on the top. Might I also mention the filter did wonders for my pale winter cheeks! 

I reached out to Sun Pacific’s Vice President of Marketing, Victoria Nuevo-Celeste, who gave me a little more insight about the new social media marketing move.

Victoria Nuevo-Celeste, VP of Marketing, Sun Pacific“The Cuties Snapchat lens was a way for us to remind shoppers that Cuties are back in season and back in stores. Snapchat is unique in that it allows us to reach a large audiencewith more than 150 million daily users—encouraging both moms and kids to spend time interacting with Cuties in a fun and memorable way,” said Victoria Nuevo-Celeste, Vice President of Marketing for Sun Pacific. “Cuties is the preferred mandarin brand of millennials, and Snapchat is really popular with this generation of consumers, so it’s a perfect way to keep Cuties top-of-mind with that demographic.” 

Credited to Fortune Magazine.

And with 85 percent of monthly users being between 13 and 34, this is certainly a strong way to tap into the milennial market. Produce marketers looking to reach these new demographics now have a new tool to get in front of people via their mobile devices.

This isn’t the company’s first foray into fun messaging for millennials either. We recently reported on a new Sun Pacific campaign for Cuties®, that encompasses enhanced packaging, in-store merchandising designs, and a national FSI The marketing campaign also highlights a 30-second animated video to premiere on Hulu, YouTube, The Disney Channel App, and more.

Will we continue to see this kind of innovative and impactful produce industry marketing invade our cell phones and our Snapchat filters? The millennial part of me certainly hopes so!

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