Suntreat's Sumo Citrus Crop Back for Limited Time

Lindsay, CA-

By ANUK Staff


The California Sumo Citrus is back for its short, but sweet season. This year’s exclusive Central San Joaquin Valley production is the 3rd commercial crop by the same group of citrus growers who originally brought the popular fruit to California from Japan.

Sumo Suntreat Body

Sumo Citrus, called dekopon in Japan, has received rave reviews from retailers and consumers alike. It’s wooing customers with its complex, sweet, juicy flavor, easily-peeled skin, and seedless fruit. It has been called “the best citrus fruit ever!”

Due to its limited volume in the first season, it was only available in a select number of Southern and Northern California retail markets. Last year, volume was great enough to supply the entire California market and select retailers nationwide.

The increase in production will be aided by maturing trees, allowing regional distribution expansion throughout a slightly longer season. “Last year’s supplies were snapped up through mostly local markets by late March,” said Al Imbimbo, VP of Sales and Marketing. “This year’s volume will allow us to provide adequate, promotable supplies to our customers outside California for the first time.”


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