SweeTango® Back for Successful Season; Brianna Shales, Kaari Stannard, Scott Swindeman, and Tenley Allen Fitzgerald Detail

SweeTango® Back for Successful Season; Brianna Shales, Kaari Stannard, Scott Swindeman, and Tenley Allen Fitzgerald Detail

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EMMAUS, PA - What’s that I hear? This year’s United States apple crop is projected to be even larger than last year’s crop? Then that means we’re in for a pommederful season! SweeTango® is one variety coming back to produce aisles, and growers are chiming in to sing praises of this successful apple.

Brianna Shales, Marketing Director, Stemilt“SweeTango’s phenomenal flavor helps make it a standout in Nielsen retail scan data every year,” said Brianna Shales, Marketing Director for Stemilt Growers. “Retailers can make an impact on their apple category by featuring SweeTango during their high-velocity selling season. Retailers can capture more dollars to the apple category by expanding during the key August to December apple market timeframe.”

SweeTangos will start shipping from across the country shortly after Labor Day, the growers report. While apple growers typically don’t show favor, SweeTango growers repeatedly rate this apple their preferred eating experience.

Kaari Stannard, President and Chief Executive Officer, Yes! Apples“The best-flavored apple is back! SweeTangos are sweet, with a touch of citrus, honey, and spice—and that crunch!” exclaimed Kaari Stannard President and Chief Executive Officer of Yes! Apples and the Board Chair of Next Big Thing, A Growers’ Cooperative.

To drive consumer traffic into retail stores, NBT is coordinating a season-long marketing strategy with its regional sales desks. The brand is backed by coordinated marketing and sales support from coast to coast, helping navigate shoppers throughout the vast category.

SweeTango® apples will start shipping from across the country shortly after Labor Day

Retailers should place orders now with their SweeTango sales desks to ensure they will have fruit when fans come knocking, growers stated, and plan to stock SweeTango for longer this year, as new plantings are now coming into production and supplies ramp up, noted in the release.

Scott Swindeman, Owner, Applewood Fresh Growers“The U.S. apple market is crazy, crowded, and confusing right now. In such a busy environment, SweeTango stands out,” said Scott Swindeman, Owner of Applewood Fresh. “SweeTango hits all the retail sweet spots: It’s got great flavor, crucial season kick-off timing, a hungry fan base, and coordinated push-pull marketing.”

SweeTango growers across all regions report fruit flavor and quality is outstanding. Swindeman also reported growers are seeing a good mix of fruit sizes on the trees, meaning SweeTango shippers will be able to meet all retail needs—bulk, pouches, Euros, totes, and a new 3 lb poly bag in both conventional and organic.

Tenley Fitzgerald, Vice President of Marketing, Yes! Apples“Tailored SweeTango marketing generates significant lift and conversion,” said Tenley Allen Fitzgerald, Vice President of Marketing at Yes! Apples. “Our sales desks are ready to work with retailers to get SweeTango in the hands of as many of their customers as possible—including Millennial and Gen Z consumers, who love SweeTango’s high flavor and bite-y crunch.”

To learn more about the upcoming season, click here.

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