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Unitec Finds Increased Product Qualities with Cherry Vision 2

Unitec Finds Increased Product Qualities with Cherry Vision 2

STOCKTON, CA - With the California cherry season having kicked off last week, Unitec’s Cherry Vision 2 is helping to ensure quality output despite adverse weather.

"The precision in the selection of defects has reached percentages of reliability that exceed any expectation," Mike Chinchiolo of Chinchiolo Stemilt California, one of the packers that have chosen Unitec’s Cherry Vision 2 technology, said of the innovative system, according to a press release.

Cherry Vision 2

Developed by Unitec, Cherry Vision 2 was developed to detect the internal and external quality of cherries non-destructively. The technology equips all 40 sizing lines of Chinchiolo Stemilt California warehouse in Stockton, CA, providing the company with a reliable selection of defects.

According to Unitec, the technology combines the following for cherry packers:

  • A user-friendly interface
  • Respect to the characteristics of the fruit
  • Very high efficiency levels

Unitec looks to offer technology that improves fruit and vegetables manufacturing and packing processes from hardware to software, design to mechanics, through the realization of automation parts.

Cherry Vision 2

An international company that operates out of Italy to reach more than 50 countries, in which it reports it has 95 percent of its turnover, Unitec specializes in the design and manufacturing of innovative technologies for processing, sorting, quality selection, and packaging of over 35 kinds of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Unitec Stemilt