Upscale Hong Kong Grocery CitySuper Offers $22 Strawberry

Upscale Hong Kong Grocery CitySuper Offers $22 Strawberry

HONG KONG, CHINA – Hong Kong has long been a destination for luxury living. But it takes a true commitment to decadence to serve up a single strawberry for nearly $22 USD.

And upscale supermarket CitySuper is doing just that—offering its Kotoka Strawberry Gift Box for $168 Hong Kong (roughly $21.60 USD), according to Time Magazine.

The supermarket, advertised as a “mega lifestyle specialty store,” offers this single-strawberry gift box in an off-white cardboard humidor filled with shredded synthetic grass the likes of which you might find in an Easter basket. The packaging notes that the strawberry has been flown “Fresh by Air from Japan,” and the berry itself is presented in a kind of pink foam donut.

A single Kotoka strawberry offered at the CitySuper supermarket (Photo by Nash Jenkins)

According to Time, the Kotoka Strawberry Gift Box is something of a social media sensation, but has also incurred the eye of critics who note that the strawberry’s price and ample plastic packaging may be wasteful.

The strawberry isn’t alone in CitySuper’s line of luxury fruit, either; the company also boasts $64 melons and even $522 apples. These high-price fruit are traditionally presented as gifts during the Lunar New Year celebration each winter. A CitySuper spokesperson told Time that the gift box is “intended as a Valentine’s Day gift.”

Want to learn more about the decadently-priced berry? You can check out Time's full article on the fruit here.

Will astronomically-expensive gift fruit hit U.S. shores anytime soon? Seems unlikely, but AndNowUKnow will let you know.