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What Potato Dish Suits Your Sign?

What Potato Dish Suits Your Sign?

THE STARS - What’s up my fellow star-babies! How is Scorpio season treating you? Sagittarius season is almost upon us and with it comes one of produce’s most delicious days of the year: Thanksgiving. While November offers a prime opportunity to reflect on the bounty of things to be thankful for, it’s also the start of the holiday season, which is often times more stressful than not. Whether you’re looking for a show-stealing side to adorn the table at your own feast or some culinary inspiration to offer lost consumers wandering around your produce aisles, there are plenty of new recipes to try that feature Thanksgiving icon: the great potato.

Photo Credit | Michael Graydon and Nikole Herriott, Food Styling by Rebecca Jurkevich, Prop Styling by Kalen Kaminski

Mashed, smashed or twice-baked—golden, russet, or sweet—the stars have spoken! Here is a list of potato dishes to try based on your astrological sign, courtesy of Bon Appetite...

Aries: Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Are you an Aries like one of our favorite ANUK writers, Andrea? If yes, you’ll be delighted to add some color to your Thanksgiving table with a roasted sweet potato recipe!

Taurus: Mashed Baked Potatoes

Lovers of all things luxury and pleasure, this earth sign will thoroughly enjoy this combination of two classic comfort foods, especially if it features some decadent additions like garlic or truffles. Join our resident Taurus queen, Jessica, in finding the best recipe for mashed baked potatoes this holiday season.

Gemini: Twice Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Geminis are symbolized by the twins and as such will love the methodical process of twice-baking their sweet potatoes on Thanksgiving day.

Cancer: Ultra-Creamy Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are the ultimate comfort food and the perfect dish for Cancers to make for their friends to enjoy together come Thanksgiving day.

Leo: Golden Potato Cake

Leos are known for being leaders and will definitely be the sign to lead the 2018 Thanksgiving trends with this unique dish in tow.

Virgo: Hasselback Potatoes

Where my fellow Virgos at?! Not only do we get to be thankful we share a sign with Beyoncé (sorry shameless Beyoncé plug), our detail-oriented hearts will be full this season thanks to this complex yet delightful dish.

Libra: Duchess Baked Potatoes

While this air sign struggles with wishy-washiness, Libras can leave their struggles at the door thanks to a simple yet scrumptious baked potato recipe.

Scorpio: Shingled Sweet Potatoes

Scorpios are passionate and a little bit intense, and with the right shingled sweet potato recipe, this water sign will have something to dedicate their energy to perfecting on Thanksgiving day.

Sagittarius: Crispy Smashed Potatoes

Happy almost-Birthday, Sagittarius babies! It’s your time to shine and you deserve to celebrate with a delicious crispy smashed potato recipe that combines two of the best cooked potato textures: smooth creaminess and crunchy crispiness.

Capricorn: Mini Herbed Pommes Anna

This thanksgiving, Capricorns can join ANUK's fearless editors Jordan and Bobby in mastering a mean mini herbed pommes anna dish. This ambitious earth sign will of course be delighted by the fine details and dedication needed to impress their friends on Thanksgiving day.

Aquarius: Burnished Potato Nuggets

The Aquarius sign is known for being original and independent which they can emulate when they walk up to Thanksgiving dinner with burnished potato nuggets in tow. Usually found on breakfast menus, this dish is the way to go for the Aquarius looking to celebrate Thanksgiving with a fun twist.

Pisces: Savory Sweet Potato Casserole

Pisces queens and kings, like ANUK’s own Melissa, tend to be more artistic than other signs and will get to let that show with a savory sweet potato casserole.

Still feeling overwhelmed by your sun sign option? Check out your moon sign for another possible potato dish that is sure to shine just like you this Thanksgiving!