Yerecic Label's Newly-Launched Easy Fresh Cooking® Label Line Revamp Reflects Research Results

Yerecic Label's Newly-Launched Easy Fresh Cooking® Label Line Revamp Reflects Research Results

NEW KENSINGTON, PA - Yerecic Label has revamped its Easy Fresh Cooking® label line, incorporating key consumer information collected through The Power of Produce 2015 research.

Art Yerecic, President, Yerecic Label“A decade of consumer research tells us that the opportunity for impulse purchases in the produce department is high and over 50 percent of shoppers get their produce information from within the department,” Art Yerecic, the company’s President, in a press release. “These facts alone give growers and retailers a unique opportunity to connect and engage at the point of purchase.”

Published by Food Marketing Institute, The Power of Produce 2015 was conducted by 210 Analytics, LLC, and sponsored by Yerecic Label. In it, the company said that research reflected 23 percent of produce shoppers found information/recipe ideas greatly influence thier purchase decision.

Kristin Yerecic, Marketing Manager, Yerecic Label“One of the biggest assets to the refreshed Easy Fresh Cooking® program is that it connects strongly with Millennials,” Yerecic Label Marketing Manager Kristin Yerecic said. “Millennials are less influenced by things like appearance and seasonality, but more concerned with aspects like preparation time and recipe ideas. Easy Fresh Cooking® connects with these ideals.”

Incorporating shopper insights, the company added that the Easy Fresh Cooking® both informs and inspires consumers to purchase more produce, meeting demand for things like:

  • The desire for quick, easy preparation ideas
  • Digital connections
  • Creating a strong message on-pack encouraging shoppers to learn more about produce

Yerecic Label emphasized that its Easy Fresh Cooking® concepts can be applied to any custom label. Featuring two lines, one specific to produce items and one reflecting cooking methods, each is designed to still reflect popular design trends, kraft paper, and chalkboard.

With the launch of the Power of Produce 2016 set to be released at FMI Connect 2016, stay tuned for even more in depth marketing and consumer insights.

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