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Zespri Launches Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign

Zespri Launches Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign

ORANGE COUNTY, CA - Zespri has began its “Let Your Taste Wander” consumer campaign with the goal to encourage shoppers to buy more SunGold® Kiwifruit! With Zespri’s multi-channel marketing campaign, consumers will be flocking into retail stores to find that perfect kiwifruit.

Sarah Deaton, Shopper Marketing Manager, Zespri“Lack of visibility in the store is the biggest barrier to buying kiwi,” said Sarah Deaton, Shopper Marketing Manager. “A recent shopper study revealed that consumers love to eat kiwi, but if it isn’t presented in front or visible, it isn’t top of mind for many shoppers. We know in-store touch points have a notably higher impact in the fruit category compared to other foods. We’ve tailored our marketing efforts around eye-catching graphics, multiple display units, social, print, and digital media, and geo-targeted campaigns to reach consumers in the store.”

The "Let Your Taste Wander" campaign encourages shoppers to buy more kiwifruit from Zespri

According to a press release, to build synergy and brand recognition, Zespri is giving retailers displays designed with uncommon graphics that match the consumer campaign. Holding four cases of kiwifruit, and case stack sleeves holding five cases, the company is also providing a range of sizes to meet the needs of retailers, including a standard display unit.

With up to a 96 percent dollar increase, research indicates that doubling the size of a clamshell kiwifruit display nearly doubles kiwifruit dollar sales. In fact, packaged kiwifruit displays at the entry of a department, such as a berry table, can increase sales byy 44 percent.

Research suggests that double the kiwifruit on display means double the sales

Further, secondary displays increase dollar sales 36 percent more than simply doubling the size of a single display. Zespri also offers a display that attaches to the retail shelf with a spring clip. To attract consumers and encourage purchase, all graphics feature “The Sweeter, Yellow Kiwi” tag.

“Our target users are not traditional TV viewers,” stated Deaton. “Our media plan is built to reach them in places they turn to for entertainment, information, and aspiration, including Hulu 15-second and six-second spots, national magazines, and social media and influencers. We have four times the media investment this year to drive shoppers to stores to buy SunGold. We also encourage retailers to meet with our teams to build customized retail programs designed for their unique shopper.”

Helping shoppers explore outside of their typical fruit selections and break from their predictable grocery shopping routines is Zespri’s consumer campaign mission! Zespri’s consumer agency created a hyper-real CG rainforest populated with exotic animals, which is demonstrative of how shopping for this fruit can be an intriguing and a great experience.

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