The Allen Lund Company's Tracey Lewin Discusses its Pivotal Texas Operations and Ongoing Partnership with TransKool Solutions

The Allen Lund Company's Tracey Lewin Discusses its Pivotal Texas Operations and Ongoing Partnership with TransKool Solutions

LA CAÑADA FLINTRIDGE, CA - While the beginning and end of a story are often the most anticipated, it is the middle of the tale that serves as the crucial connector between the two. The same can be said about our industry; while the growing process and the retail aspects are highlighted, the packing and transport of the fresh produce we love so much plays a pivotal role in the process. That is why I sat down with Tracey Lewin, Vice President of Sales and Branch Operations at the Allen Lund Company (ALC), to discuss its growing Texas facilities and everything from its key partnership with TransKool Solutions to future expansion in the booming market.

Tracey Lewin, Vice President of Sales and Branch Operations, Allen Lund Company“Our brokerage offices in Texas represent just three of our 35 sales offices in the U.S., and together they generated over $40 million in gross sales in 2020. These three offices are projecting 10–15 percent increases in sales in 2021 and are well equipped to handle it,” says Tracey. “Along with TransKool Solutions, our entire Texas operation is robust and capable of taking on much more in 2021 and beyond.”

Currently, ALC operates brokerage offices in San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston, Texas. Through an ongoing partnership with TransKool Solutions, a full warehousing, transportation, and customs brokerage company based in McAllen, these offices are able to offer the company’s customers a full range of comprehensive transportation services that save time and effort. As the Texas market continues to expand and imports between Mexico and the U.S. have evolved, ALC’s brokerage offices have continued to play an integral role in helping fresh produce make it to market.

The Allen Lund Company's brokerage offices in Texas generated over $40 million in gross sales in 2020, and are projecting a 10–15 percent increase in sales in 2021

“With the broadening of NAFTA in 1994—the expansion of the international bridge between Mexico and McAllen—and additional crossing points at Laredo, El Paso, and Brownsville, more and more produce loads are flowing into the U.S. via Texas,” explains Tracey. “As trade rules and regulations between Mexico and the U.S. have changed and evolved, our three Texas offices, plus TransKool, have flexed and grown accordingly, and have handled the additional strain on capacity and service levels with ease.”

Troy Magers, San Antonio Office Manager, Allen Lund CompanyALC’s oldest and longest established office in Texas is its San Antonio office, which was founded in 1987. As Tracey tells me, the office has always set its focus on moving produce, having accounts that have remained since its opening. The San Antonio office is now managed by Troy Magers, who has spent over two decades with ALC, having learned the ins and outs of Texas produce throughout his 21 years with the company.

David Leal, Dallas Office Manager, Allen Lund CompanyThe company’s Dallas office—which opened in 2008—is a key office for not only Texas’ outbound produce, but for key growing regions in California and the Pacific Northwest as well. After opening its doors in 2012, ALC’s Garland, Texas, office has since merged with the Dallas team, bringing with them David Leal who now manages the Dallas office.

Michael Keep, Houston Office Manager, Allen Lund CompanyMost recently, ALC opened its Houston office in 2017, which is managed by Michael Keep, bringing 15 years of 3PL experience to the company and its customer base with expertise in many modes of transportation. The Houston office currently specializes in dry freight, frozen freight, flatbed freight, and LTL shipments, in addition to perishables.

As the winds of trade continue to shift and transform, the Allen Lund Company is staying ahead of the game with such a stronghold in the Texas market. As the company continues to evolve, AndNowUKnow will keep you updated on its next moves.

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