Authorities Seize Over 83M Dollars' Worth of Cocaine From Banana Shipment

Authorities Seize Over 83M Dollars' Worth of Cocaine From Banana Shipment

CZECH REPUBLIC - When supermarket associates across the Czech Republic opened up recent shipments of bananas, what several found inside was not the beloved yellow fruit, but large amounts of cocaine. Authorities have seized almost $83,243,900 (£68 million) of the drug mistakenly delivered to the grocers.

“Criminal investigators found that goods of the same batch were distributed to several other places in the Czech Republic. Therefore, in cooperation with the [customs administration of the Czech Republic] and other entities, it is currently conducting inspections of these places and other actions,” officials stated in a Twitter post.

Supermarket associates across the Czech Republic were surprised with several large bricks of cocaine hidden amidst their shipments of bananas, with authorities seizing almost $83,243,900 worth in illicit deliveries

The banana crates, which were thought to have come from Colombia, had around 998 kg (2,200 lbs) of the drug molded in cubes around them. Workers in several supermarkets across the country discovered the powder-filled packages, with supermarket workers in the capital city Prague, as well as in the towns of Jičín and Rychnov nad Kněžnou, first reporting the suspicious blocks, according to NDTV.

In a social media statement, the authorities also noted that the case has been taken over by the National Drug Control Centre, which will now conduct the investigation.

That’s another foiled drug operation thanks to the authorities and supermarket workers who made efforts to protect fresh produce from nefarious activities like these. Keep reading ANUK as we bring you the latest.