Auvil Fruit Company Unveils New Organics Program and Grady's Organics Brand

Auvil Fruit Company Unveils New Organics Program and Grady's Organics Brand

ORONDO, WA - With the vision to bring flavor, quality, and excellence to every bite of fresh fruit, Auvil Fruit Company is unveiling its new organics program and “Grady’s Organics” brand. In an effort to meet the growing demand for organics, Auvil thought the timing perfect and the opportunity just right.

Ray Norwood, Director of Sales and Marketing, took break from the busy season to speak with me about Auvil’s recent developments, and what inspires the company’s passion for excellence.

Ray Norwood, Director of Sales & Marketing, Auvil Fruit Company“To enhance our programs with our retailer customers we have partnered with Orchardist Mark Clayton, at a neighboring orchard in Wenatchee, whose premier farming methods consistently produce superior organic fruit,” Ray tells me. “It had to be the right partner with the best varieties to align with Auvil’s passion for excellence. Del Fiegal, Auvil’s President of Farming turned to Clayton, and the partnership to grow organic apples of the highest caliber, took root.”

Grady's Organics Apple Box

Auvil will be shipping Fuji, Gala, Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, and a small amount of Honeycrisp apples this year with the same high-quality and flavor retailers have come to expect, without the use of synthetic pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

So how does the new organic brand reflect the passion you’ll find at Auvil?

Grady Auvil, Founder, Auvil Fruit Company“As we began developing and defining our organic offerings, it made sense to give a nod to Founder Grady Auvil,” Ray shares. “Our goal is to apply his passion, dedication, and vision for growing and cultivating memorable flavor profiles, in order to raise the bar in the organic category. Grady Auvil’s name has become synonymous with the highest standards of quality, so the name brand really named itself.”

Where passion meets flavor – this is the intersection where Auvil’s key beliefs converge. And, if you ask me, that is not a bad place to be.

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