Avocados From Mexico Opens Restaurant in Texas

Avocados From Mexico Opens Restaurant in Texas

DALLAS, TX - The Association of Growers and Packers of Avocados From Mexico and Mexican Hass Avocado Importers Association (known as AFM) plans to open a restaurant in Dallas, Texas. It's a dream come true for all millennials.

The restaurant concept is a first for AFM, but the organization has teamed up in the past with On the Border for a summer pop-up.

Avocados From Mexico is opening a restaurant in Dallas, Texas. Photo by Jake Dean

The Dallas Business Journal states that AFM has about 30-40 recipes in the works for the new eatery, but plans on streamlining the offerings for the menu when the restaurant does open. Not to worry, there will be a plethora of guacamole offerings to assuage consumers from the mockamole trauma. AFM is doing its due diligence and ensuring that every dish (and cocktail) contains an element of avocado, even concocting some avocado ice cream of its own. I’m all down to try anything at least once, and Chopped has prepared me mentally enough to give (almost) any ice cream flavor a shot.

The new restaurant is the first for Avocados From Mexico, though it has dabbled in pop-ups before

The finalized menu is still pending, so keep reading ANUK for the latest updates.

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