Babé Farms' Matt Hiltner Details Carrot Supply, Promotional Opportunities, and More

Babé Farms' Matt Hiltner Details Carrot Supply, Promotional Opportunities, and More

SANTA MARIA, CA - No matter the time of year, carrots are a staple for my kitchen. I’m not alone in this, as many consumers extend what some consider to be a traditional winter meal staple into a year-round staple. I sat down with Matt Hiltner, Babé Farms’ Marketing Coordinator, to get more of an inside look at how the supplier is shaping up to meet this demand.

Matt Hiltner, Marketing Coordinator, Babé Farms“As of right now, the carrot market appears steady. We will see if that changes given that California has lifted the stay-at-home order,” Matt commented. “We are planting with confidence for the upcoming season and feel we are poised for a good year in the carrot category due to a variety of factors. Our optimism has grown as we’ve witnessed foodservice begin to reopen in some capacity across the country. Chefs can’t wait to get back to plating their signature creations again in the ways they originally intended (not takeout containers), and our baby carrots and other signature vegetables are part of that equation.”

Matt also hints toward another holiday in the wings, one that drives foot traffic to the foodservice sector.

Babé Farms offers a steady, year-round supply of multiple carrot varieties

“With Easter on the horizon, we have reason to be optimistic not only in the foodservice sector but in retail as well. Rainbow carrots meet all the criteria consumers are looking for in 2021. They’re vibrant and colorful, sweet and delicious, and above all HEALTHY,” he proclaimed. “As we all try to boost our immunity and stay healthy in the coming year, we find that ‘eating the rainbow’ is a great starting point—and what better way to do it than with colorful carrots! We frequently use the hashtag #EatTheRainbow on Instagram as a friendly reminder to our followers about the importance of maintaining a healthy diet and how fresh produce is a vital part of that.”

A year-round supplier of carrots, Babé Farms, grows the full color spectrum of bunched baby-sized carrots, including French (orange), pink, purple, white, yellow, and round (otherwise known as Globe or Thumbelina carrots).

Babé Farms' Matt Hiltner wonders whether or not we will see a shift in demand for certain categories as California's foodservice sector navigates the stay-at-home-order lift

“We offer straight packs of each variety, as well as a mixed case that includes three to four colors, both of which are popular in retail and foodservice alike. Not only are rainbow carrots pretty on the plate, but each bunch comes with bilingual (ENG/FRE) UPC tags for retail,” Matt explained. “They’re the perfect way to paint a produce department with a diverse assortment of colors. In addition to baby carrots, we also have limited supplies of large sizing on these bunched varieties as well as a mixed-color, bulk size 25 lb sack that is perfect for school programs, juicing, or processing of any kind.”

With optimal weather ushering in high quality and beautiful carrots, I think it’s high time we deck out the produce aisles in numerous colors. Don’t you?

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