Bay Baby Produce's Michele Youngquist and Lindsey Dalesky Detail Latest Portfolio Developments

Bay Baby Produce's Michele Youngquist and Lindsey Dalesky Detail Latest Portfolio Developments

MOUNT VERNON, WA - From décor inspiration to exotic variety trials, Bay Baby Produce knows how to harness the potential of the squash category. The supplier’s innovative portfolio takes a multifaceted approach to entice consumers, and I recently got an update on some of the company’s latest product developments.

Michele Youngquist, President, Bay Baby Produce“The Home Décor Box—also known as our Consumer Box—is great for consumers who want to find some inspiration in their home for decorating with our pumpkins,” explained Michele Youngquist, President. “We have put together an offering that consists of four different varieties that decorate together beautifully. This box can be customized based on what our customer believes their consumer needs. It can be an ornamental pumpkin box with our beautiful long stems, or ornamental pumpkins mixed with our painted pumpkins!”

The Home Décor Box also features a QR code that can be easily scanned, directing shoppers to home décor inspiration photos. This allows Bay Baby to drive increased traffic to its website while giving consumers great value with their purchase.

Taking an innovative approach to portfolio development, Bay Baby Produce has launched its Home Décor Box to help consumers use squash to decorate

Along the same concept, Bay Baby also offers a Mixed Organic Squash Box, which allows the consumer to try multiple different varieties of squash. This collection includes some more familiar favorites, in addition to Bay Baby’s exotic varieties. The QR code conveniently placed on this box takes shoppers to recipes for organic winter squash.

Lindsey Dalesky, Sales and Marketing Representative, Bay Baby Produce“One of the goals in developing the new look for our Organic Squash Box and Consumer Box was to promote our farm-fresh feel, as well as to market to the consumer who is drawn to an organic vibe, with a stylistic vintage twist,” added Lindsey Dalesky, Sales and Marketing Representative. “We really wanted the delivery of the pumpkins to reflect what is inside the box!”

For the produce-loving football fans, Bay Baby’s new Sports Pumpkins are Officially Licensed by the NFL and college teams. As shoppers look to show loyalty to their home teams, they will be drawn in by these alluring pumpkins sporting the popular painted logos of their favorite NFL and college organizations.

Beyond its creative portfolio, Bay Baby is also harnessing growth through its social media strategies, which are geared toward consumer education and driving squash consumption.

Additionally, Bay Baby's new Sports Pumpkins are Officially Licensed by the NFL and college teams

“Bay Baby Produce is really focusing on highlighting our unique story and sharing our beautiful Skagit Valley with the public,” added Michele. “We are very fortunate to live and farm where we do, and it’s great content to share.”

The company is also strategizing key partnerships focused on social media, aligning with Produce for Better Health and its Have a Plant Movement, in addition to a few local entrepreneurs.

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