B&W Quality Growers Celebrates 150 Years of Success, Joins Prestigious Group of Long-Standing Food Brands

B&W Quality Growers Celebrates 150 Years of Success, Joins Prestigious Group of Long-Standing Food Brands

FELLSMERE, FL - B&W Quality Growers is entering into an elite club meant for those who have evolved with the ever-changing produce industry. It's a group whose histories span over 150 years, seeing the changes of not only decades, but centuries. This year, B&W celebrates this milestone as the distinguished grower enters into the well-seasoned group of companies who have achieved this standing.

Mark DeLeo, Chief Executive Officer, B&W Quality Growers"It's a true honor to sit among big historical brands like Tabasco®, Dole, and Baker's Chocolate that have been around for centuries. To be one of the very few produce-specific brands that have hit the 150-year milestone shows the dedication that B&W Quality Growers has to providing a superior product," said Mark DeLeo, CEO. "We've worked diligently to gain the trust of our customers by providing a product that they can count on for freshness, quality, and consistency. We look forward to continuing our journey for many more years to come."

Founded in New Jersey in 1870 by Richard Salmon Baker and Richard Soltan, the company began growing watercress but has since evolved into a much more expansive grower. B&W mastered watercress and used its talents to incorporate popular greens like baby arugula, baby spinach, and its own premium blend into the mix. The rest is 150 years worth of history that has led the company and its products into kitchens, restaurants, and households worldwide.

B&W Quality Growers is entering an elite ring of supply-side movers and shakers as it celebrates its 150th anniversary

Moving its operations to Fellsmere, Florida, and eight other farms across the United States, B&W has used its time to create a sustainable year-round growing system that allows its products to remain fresh no matter the season, according to a press release.

With over a century in business, B&W has made a great impact on the industry and communities that it serves. The grower has made great relationships with partners like Family Reach, an organization that provides resources and assistance to cancer patients and their families, as well as other nonprofits that serve those in need.

B&W Quality Growers continues to make an impact on retail shelves, kitchens, and foodservice establishments worldwide with its vast selection of leafy greens from watercress to baby leaves

Such a rich history goes to show how B&W has remained an important part of the produce industry for over 150 years, and we congratulate the company on its success.

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