California Giant Moves Into Peak Season, Boosts Benefits With The Buzz

California Giant Moves Into Peak Season, Boosts Benefits With The Buzz

WATSONVILLE, CA - Peak berry season is en route for California Giant Berry Farms, who said that it is armed and ready with a tool to keep trading partners in the loop.

The team said that it has worked to build its ‘Trade Buzz’ news network of buyers and is getting very positive feedback on the weekly bulletin.

Cindy Jewell, Vice President of Marketing, California Giant Berry Farms“This has been a fun project for everyone to participate in and build upon at Cal Giant as we add capabilities to the program,” said VP of Marketing Cindy Jewell. “We now have archives on the website and can track which articles and features are favored by our readers to ensure we keep content relevant.”

Starting two years ago, a bi-weekly bulletin was distributed to about 60 people. Today, it is a weekly e-blast complete with links, crop data, consumer trends, and company news, distributed to almost 400 produce industry professionals along with the entire California Giant staff and their growers, according to a press release.

The "Trade Buzz" news blast is a communication tool that keeps trading partners informed.

Each week, California Giant meets to review:

  • Field conditions
  • Fruit quality
  • Harvest forecasts
  • Weather

The above information is summarized into an e-newsletter with photos, links to weather models, and up-to-the-minute fruit condition sent directly to buyers and those that request information in an effort not to “overload the inbox.” The company added that it ensures that the data and commentary contains real-time, transparent information.

Nick Chappell, Director of Retail Sales, California Giant Berry Farms“We appreciate having this tool to supplement daily conversations with our customers. We especially like being able to share real-time photos from each growing region and the weather links so they can see the fruit and conditions we have here in our fields,” said Nick Chappell, Director of Retail Sales.

The Cal Giant berry fields are rolling into peak season now.

Bottom line? Trade Buzz is intended to serve as a tool to help support the sales team in communicating anticipated weather disruptions, new policies or programs affecting businesses, and transitions in the season as regions and berry varieties enter and exit.

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