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Catherine Gipe-Stewart of Superfresh Growers® Divulges Updates Ahead of Organic Produce Summit 2022 Showcase

Catherine Gipe-Stewart of Superfresh Growers® Divulges Updates Ahead of Organic Produce Summit 2022 Showcase

YAKIMA, WA - As we officially glide into the latter half of the year, there are plenty of things to look forward to heading into July. Catherine Gipe-Stewart, Director of Marketing for Superfresh Growers®, joins me in my excitement as we prepare for the Organic Produce Summit (OPS) with a bounty of apples, berries, and pears, oh my!

Catherine Gipe-Stewart, Director of Marketing, Superfresh Growers®“One of our big focuses for OPS will be highlighting the upcoming new crop organic selection—especially organic pears, Cosmic Crisp®, and Autumn Glory®,” Catherine tells me. “Cosmic Crisp continues to gain popularity with shoppers, so we will continue to focus on this variety while expanding our volume.”

In just three years, Catherine tells me, Cosmic Crisp has landed the eighth spot in apples, according to Nielsen sales data ranked by dollars ending 5/21/22. With projected state growth trajectories, Cosmic is headed for the top five in apples. Displaying this variety along with Superfresh domestically grown organic Pink Lady®, Granny Smith, Fuji, and Gala apples will make this summer a juicy sales season.

Superfresh Growers® heads into Organic Produce Summit with plans to discuss its evolving apples, berries, and pears programs

For a pop of color, retailers need look no further than the supplier’s berry offerings.

“Our organic blueberry program is starting in late June, just in time for OPS. We grow our blueberries in the mild, dry climate of Southern Oregon’s Umpqua Valley, and we hand-pick all of our fruit,” Catherine explains before diving into the grower’s kiwi berries. “Our kiwi berry crop is 100 percent organic and will start in late September. These ‘poppable’ cousins of the kiwifruit are a family favorite and make great additions to lunchboxes, salads, and dessert toppings.”

Retailers, too, can look forward to fall, as it’s never too early to start planning. Consumers will be drawn to the warm, unique caramel and cinnamon notes found in Superfresh organic Autumn Glory apples. With chin dribbling juice levels, Autumn Glory is an ideal way to celebrate the grower’s new crop which will continue its momentum through the year.

Just in time for the organic show in July, the grower’s organic blueberry program is kicking off and will be followed by its kiwi berry crop in late September

Joining Autumn Glory during the fall season will be the grower’s organic Bartlett pear supply.

“Superfresh Growers is the largest organic pear supplier in the Northwest,” continues Catherine. “Our pear crop is coming along nicely, with organic Bartlett to kick off the season in August.”

Exciting times are ahead! With a bevy of developments to come, OPS will be a fruitful time to get your produce ducks in a row, and Catherine agrees.

Alongside its organic Gala harvest, Superfresh Growers is preparing for a full lineup of apples on the shelf to meet increasing shopper demand

“The show draws a wide range of industry professionals, some who only seem to come out just for this one show. It’s a great time to connect with our industry peers,” reflects Catherine. “OPS is the event we look forward to every year. The show is designed with the perfect balance of networking, educational sessions, show time, and still some time to play in the gorgeous city of Monterey, California. I look forward to the quality conversations, and we can’t wait to get our feet on the ground again.”

Be sure to visit booth #106 to get the lowdown with Superfresh Growers, and keep checking back with ANUK for the latest coverage in all things fresh.

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