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Celebrating Women in the Industry: The Women of Joe Produce

Celebrating Women in the Industry: The Women of Joe Produce

GRANITE BAY, CA - For as long as I can remember, I have been fully immersed in the concept of girl power, approaching every aspect of my life through this lens. Throughout March, our team at AndNowUKnow has spotlighted some of the influential women in produce, and I am here to continue the series, this time highlighting the leading ladies at Joe Produce. With crucial insights into the talent searching and hiring aspects of our industry, these individuals provide key developments and advice as women continue to evolve in fresh produce.

Leslie Lawrence, Operations Manager and Owner

Leslie Lawrence, Operations Manager and Owner, Joe Produce“I’m from Salinas, and I started working in this industry over 20 years ago, so I’ve seen its evolution as far back as I can remember. In terms of women, there is no doubt that there are more of us now than ever before, and that has changed the culture and landscape in extremely positive ways. I’m a big believer in workforce diversity and hiring the best person for the job, irrespective of their gender, age, or any other factors. Looking forward, I see nothing but opportunities for ANYONE, including women, who have the IQs and EQs needed to perform in a dynamic and fast-paced environment like produce.”

Khrys Kaphan, Executive Search Consultant

Khrys Kaphan, Executive Search Consultant, Joe Produce“I’ve seen women bridging the gap in food safety, transportation, and agronomy—it’s no longer just the typical human resources or accounting roles that women are occupying. They’re becoming a critical and driving force in the field-to-fork movement. From getting their hands dirty in the fields to delivering safe products to consumers, they’re really leaving their mark! I believe women will continue to be a guiding presence in the industry, shaping the future of ag, and cultivating new aspirations for upcoming generations of women.”

Amy Grolnick, Executive Search Consultant

Amy Grolnick, Executive Search Consultant, Joe Produce“When I first got into the industry, there were more women in support roles and not many in executive and leadership roles. Over the years that has shifted, and produce has become more open to welcoming women into the fold. This has changed the face of produce and added a new dimension to our industry. I believe the future holds more opportunities for women in leadership and many other positions.”

Jennifer Brommeland, Senior Executive Search Consultant

Jennifer Brommeland, Senior Executive Search Consultant, Joe Produce“Gender diversity helps provide balance in the workplace. Over the last five years, I have seen more executive-level positions go to women, and their contributions are respected. I feel we are headed in the right direction and the future is positive for women. As a mother of two girls, I want to push my daughters to achieve their goals and accomplish their dreams. Not because they are women, but because they are the right person for the role.”

Julie Marcik, Senior Director

Julie Marcik, Senior Director, Joe Produce“I think that anyone who enjoys success in the produce industry has to work hard, operate with integrity, and be flexible to the extreme demands of the business. As many say, produce is a lifestyle. This is not an 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday job. Working women have traditionally had to juggle their professional and family lives, and it takes determination, dedication, and some creativity to do that well. Most of the successful women I know have all three of those characteristics.”

Emily B. Kendall, Manager of Sales and Operations

Emily B. Kendall, Manager of Sales and Operations, Joe Produce“As a woman, I think we have special skills in reading people and connecting with them on a deeper level than your typical business relationship. I believe there are many studies out there that have proven women’s strong ability to connect and sense others’ emotional states. I have leveraged this skill throughout my 20-year sales career, and it has proven to be incredibly successful.”

Darcy Markland, Accounting Manager

Darcy Markland, Accounting Manager, Joe Produce“I believe that most women are blessed with certain inherent characteristics that are invaluable in the workplace. Mothers, in particular, are highly skilled in management, multi-tasking, organization, analyzing, advising, listening, encouraging, empathizing, teaching, team building, and problem-solving. These characteristics translate amazingly well into workplace situations and are all necessary leadership qualities. Having these qualities gives women the ability to make employees feel valued, which promotes creativity, positivity, and productivity.”

Samantha Hart, Online Marketing and Content Specialist

Samantha Hart, Online Marketing and Content Specialist, Joe Produce“Dedication and passion are keystones to breaking into any industry. For women, who typically have to work harder to prove we’re capable, we have to be unwavering in our desire to achieve our goals despite the inevitable extra roadblocks we will encounter. Especially in historically male-dominated industries, we need superiors to encourage and highlight female contributions and voices within their fields, thus encouraging others to follow suit.”

Thank you to these wonderful women for playing an integral behind-the-scenes role in our industry and for leading by example when it comes to showing the power of women in not only the workforce, but the world.

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