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Church Brothers Farms Prepares for Easter Retail Promotions

Church Brothers Farms Prepares for Easter Retail Promotions

SALINAS, CA - The scent of Easter is in the air, and I swear, it smells just like a basket of fresh produce. The fresh crunch of lettuce is at the center of many Easter holiday spreads, and Church Brothers Farms has the tools to drive retail sales in the coming weeks. I had the chance to speak with Tom Bramers, the grower’s Sales Manager, who gave me the lowdown on holiday merchandising.

Tom Bramers, Sales Manager, Church Brothers Farms“The focus should be on a beautiful, fresh display that highlights a variety of fresh lettuces and vegetables,” Tom said. “After a long winter, consumers are looking for those hints of spring on the shelf. The bright colors of this season are reflected in the products, which help emphasize a new season of warm weather and opportunities for outdoor eating activities like barbecues and picnics.”

Tom explained that Church Brothers Farms focuses on quality and freshness, and is highlighting its wide variety of leafy greens this season. The supplier will hone in on lettuces and other leafy greens around this time because they tie in so well with the holiday’s themes.

Church Brothers Farms is gearing up for the holiday rush with holiday merchandising and a wide variety of leafy greens

“Easter and the spring season are focused around natural elements, which lines up perfectly with promoting fresh, leafy green items like lettuce,” Tom told me. “Lettuce is a go-to for family gatherings because of its versatility in so many dishes. Easter is the first major holiday after the end of a cold winter, meaning people come out of their hibernation to begin spending more time outdoors and eating healthier with summer creeping up on them again.”

Church Brothers’ lettuces have had great quality in the desert this season, and the grower will be transitioning to its fields in California’s Salinas Valley at the end of the March. The new growing season has a propensity for challenges due to the ever-changing weather patterns, but Church Brothers is optimistic that it’s going to be a great season.

Lettuce is versatile in many dishes, and Church Brothers Farms is seeing great quality in the desert this season

“The leafy greens category continues to hold a strong place in the produce department due to the wide range of products that it encompasses. From butter lettuce to Romaine, to our personal favorite, Little Gem lettuce, there is truly a product for everyone,” Tom continued. “The sweet taste and crunchy texture of our Little Gems make them a great product to bring something new and exciting to the shelf and to consumers’ tables. It’s a lettuce that the whole family will love.”

Sounds like lettuce will be a shoe-in for driving consumers to the produce aisle. For more ways to boost your store sales this Easter, keep reading the reports from ANUK.

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