D'Arrigo New York Joins Forces with Musto Wine Grape Company

D'Arrigo New York Joins Forces with Musto Wine Grape Company

BRONX, NY - I think it’s every foodie’s dream to recreate their favorite products. My dad brews his own beer, but his mini-vineyard out front has yet to produce fine wine like that of Musto Wine Grape Company in Hartford, Connecticut. Consumers like my dad are one of the many reasons this distributor has partnered with D’Arrigo New York of the Hunts Point Produce Market in Bronx, New York, to provide access to the best grapes, juices, equipment, supplies, and knowledge available.

Gabriela D’Arrigo, Vice President of Marketing and Communications, D'Arrigo Bros. of New York"We are very excited to embark on this new partnership. Our families have known each other for some time and we share not only a love for agriculture but a love for family and tradition," said Gabriela D’Arrigo, Vice President of Marketing and Communications.

To provide these offerings, Musto draws from its 100+ acres of vineyard in the Suisan Valley in California. Aside from its own harvest, the company sources wine grapes and juice from the best wine growers found throughout California, the Pacific Northwest, South Africa, and Chile. Now that the two are partners, these growers will benefit from the hands-on approach of two well-run family businesses who share a demand for perfection.

The D'Arrigo family just got a little bigger with its partnership with Musto Wine Grape Company

The partnership combines 50 years of winemaking expertise from Musto and 70 years of fruit and vegetable farming, distribution, and marketing from D’Arrigo, taking all of their offerings to the next level. D’Arrigo will have access to everything from wooden barrels to analytical services for lab testing wine, making its mission to offer winemaking kits and classes a small feat. I think it’s safe to say you can sign my dad up for all of the above.

Products and services offered by the partnership include:

  • Fresh wine grapes and wine juices
  • Winemaking kits
  • Winemaking equipment
  • Winemaking cleaning, fermentation, and aging supplies

Congratulations to both Musto and D'Arrigo on this unique partnership!

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