DelfrescoPure® Has New Online Presence with Redesigned Website

DelfrescoPure® Has New Online Presence with Redesigned Website

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KINGSVILLE, ONTARIO - When was the last time you looked something or someone up on your phone or computer? My guess is that if it wasn’t within the past hour, you are out of town and on a beach somewhere in perfect contentment. No, not you? Well, our enjoyment of that fantasy is just about as unlikely as us not connecting to the web for answers and information.  While we might not be on vacation, DelfrescoPure® is making our searches feel a bit more like paradise by redesigning its website to cater to consumers’ needs. To make this happen, the company teamed up with Windsor-Detroit-based Douglas Marketing Group (DMG).

DelfrescoPure Website

"DMG was selected based on their long-standing experience and an integrated approach that combines key objectives in marketing with an online strategy supported by exceptional design," stated Fiona McLean, Marketing Manager for DelfrescoPure, in a recent press release. "Our process was a well-thought-out charted course with DMG that created an integrated approach with our team at DelfrescoPure."

The website design keeps users in mind and showcases the rich diversity of the company's products so that consumers can visually experience the goods. Layered with various engagement tactics, consumers navigating the company’s new website will find it to be easier to locate messaging about brand renewal, products, produce, and recipes that make the company so great.

The navigation has been made simpler by the creation of a drop-down menu, which allows consumers to find the high-resolution and eye-catching photography of the company’s products. The visuals communicate key factors, relevant information, and detailed content about the company’s products with a blend of graphics and text. Alongside fun facts and information regarding nutritional benefits about the company’s products and produce, there is also a recipe portal with high-resolution photography. But, to top it off, the company’s website is responsive in that it is user-friendly across multiple browsers and devices so that regardless of consumers’ environments or behaviors, they will be able to locate exactly what they are looking to find!

Users can thank the collaboration between both companies, which has made their online experience easier. With so much time being spent online these days, such alteration to our searching efforts is very much welcomed! While the companies worked closely to make this transition happen, we look forward to seeing how well the new website affects the company’s growth and business moving forward.


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