DMA Solutions' Marketing Matters Series Covers Changing Shopper Behavior

DMA Solutions' Marketing Matters Series Covers Changing Shopper Behavior

THE INTERWEBS - 2020 changed the world, and with it, the way that shoppers interacted with products. As fresh produce operators, we have a unique position within retail, as consumers who are seeking to buy immune-boosting foods will always turn to us. In the meantime, there are marketing opportunities that we should be leaning into to help our brands stand out and drive revenue—and that’s what the latest session of DMA Solutions’ Marketing Matters series covered. This session, titled “How 2020 Has Changed Shopper Behaviors,” revealed the realities fresh produce marketers face and how we can position ourselves as a solution to consumer pain points.

Dan’l Mackey Almy, President and Chief Executive Officer, DMA Solutions“Fresh produce doesn’t need a constant stream of new products coming out to be relevant,” remarked Dan’l Mackey Almy, CEO and President, as we dove into the discussion. “Positioning your product to fill a need, elevating your storytelling, and increasing your brand’s alignment with key trends are all key strategies to elevate your marketing game plan.”

Throughout the webinar, Dan’l covered several of the marketing realities that we’re facing as an industry. One that stands out in particular is the purpose-driven shopper.

“Shoppers want to know that companies care about more than their bottom line,” Dan’l explained. “We have to lean into elevating our philanthropy because customers are supporting brands moving forward in this way.”

Examples of this include supporting a cause and making note of this via a packaging upgrade. LGS Specialty Sales saw a significant boost in its sales when it launched its limited-edition Darling Clementine® pink packaging to support Breast Cancer Awareness and a Race for a Cure.

DMA Solutions' most recent session, titled “How 2020 Has Changed Shopper Behaviors,” revealed the realities fresh produce marketers face and how they can position themselves as a solution to consumer pain points

Another reality that many of us can relate to—we’re consumers, too—is the concept of cooking fatigue. Many shoppers are searching for meal inspiration, hoping to spice up the additional meals that our new reality dictates.

“Shoppers have experienced a huge life shift, and this is where fresh produce can step in and easily offer them a solution,” Dan’l noted, explaining that putting out new recipes and updating lifestyle content can give shoppers a place to differentiate their meal habits.

On this note, one key takeaway from the webinar was the importance of Pinterest, as consumers are heading to the social media app in droves. The company's shares saw a growth spurt of a whopping 254 percent in 2020.

Pinterest is an incredible tool, and the DMA Solutions team believes that investing in a Pinterest strategy will help elevate your brand in a space where consumers are naturally looking. The beauty of Pinterest is that their traffic turns into a web traffic driver for you, as recipes and additional content are easily linked back to your landing page.

DMA Solutions stresses that fresh produce companies can add value for their consumers by offering authentic and relatable content that will in turn deepen loyalty and engagement

In addition to the above realities, Dan’l expressed that shoppers aren’t just focused on life at the table.

“If you’re only focusing on a two or three hour window of time when meals are taking place, you’re missing out on so many opportunities. Fresh produce naturally aligns with health and wellness,” she stated.

As a fresh produce company, you can add value for consumers by offering them authentic and relatable content. This can include morning wellness routines, gardening tips, or even at-home workouts. It deepens their loyalty and engagement—meaning they’ll be more likely to turn to your brand when it comes to purchasing.

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Although 2020 did alter the reality of how we approach marketing, we have industry partners like DMA Solutions in our court to steer us to success.

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