Engage3 Launches Competitive Intelligence Platform MissionControl

Engage3 Launches Competitive Intelligence Platform MissionControl

DAVIS, CA – Engage3, the company behind the popular personalized shopping app ShoppingScout, has just unveiled its latest platform to give retailers insights into competitors’ pricing.

Dubbed “MissionControl,” this competitive intelligence platform enables the planning, scheduling, execution, reporting, and modification of online and in-store competitive data collection.

MissionControl provides advanced data analytics to help retailers and manufacturers plan, manage, and execute competitive pricing missions in real-time.

Engage3’s robust product and pricing database allows retailers and manufacturers to gain accurate observations about a competitor’s pricing strategies, all while eliminating any doubts or inconsistencies.

Steve Vallance, Vice President of Purchasing, Cardenas Markets“We’re very excited about the opportunities that MissionControl has opened up,” said Steve Vallance, Vice President of Purchasing at Cardenas Markets. “Engage3’s platform has significantly enhanced our competitive visibility across all of our markets by reducing the time it takes to understand and respond to our competitors’ pricing, thereby enabling us to maintain our intended price image. It’s also helping us understand our competitors’ private label strategies, which can be invaluable.”

Members can schedule and assign price shops to store associates or 3rd party vendors, and monitor real-time progress across all active projects. MissionControl supports inferred mapping of comparable brands, explicit mapping of comparable brands, and mapping store-level assortments and planograms.

Using proprietary algorithms and advanced statistical modeling for accurate pricing data, MissionControl optimizes shop-list sampling, maximizes ROI, and minimizes sampling costs.

The MissionControl Mobile app is purpose-built to make it easy for your employees or professional auditors to complete price shops using their smartphones.

MissionControl currently supports pricing decisions and competitive insights for a member base with approximately $20 billion of revenue under management.

Ken Ouimet, Founder, Engage3

Inaccurate pricing data has a direct impact to a retailer’s bottom line, which in some cases, could be over 40 basis points of sales in profit for a retailer, Engage3 Founder Ken Ouimet said in a press release.

“We leverage mobile technology, big data, and our deep domain experience to remove dependencies that slow down the competitive shop process while managing increasingly complex price shop methodologies to improve accuracy, find rates, and item comparability,” said Ouimet.

Engage3 MissionControl

Understanding competitive data is crucial for success in today’s marketplace, and Engage3 looks to leverage its unique platform to give retailers an edge in pricing.

MissionControl v1.0 is now available. For more details, contact [email protected].


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