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Fresh Avenue Highlights Fresh-Cut Sector

Fresh Avenue Highlights Fresh-Cut Sector

SANTA MARIA, CA - Both foodservice operators and retailers have had to adapt to new demands and expectations, and fresh-cut has become an increasingly popular category. Over at Fresh Avenue, Scott Bricker, Director of Sales and Partner; Jamie Shipley, Regional Sales Manager; and David Root, Western Regional Sales Manager, penned an update to the industry regarding how the impact of the last nine months has affected foodservice operators and how fresh-cut produce is a critical and relevant solution to sourcing and supply chain.

“Fresh-cut brings customers consistent yields, cost, safety, and product output. We have been a fan of the simplification and ease of mind it brings our customers, and there are many customers big and small that have brought stability to their business by converting to a fresh-cut product,” the team wrote. “The additional benefit our grower/processor GreenGate Fresh delivers is that [all] their supply is dedicated to foodservice. Product is never diverted to commodity, which usually takes priority with other growers/processors.”

The team at Fresh Avenue remarked that fresh-cut is driving critical solutions for the foodservice industry

In its release, Fresh Avenue highlighted key areas that have been approved as a result of using fresh-cut solutions. The list included:

  • Consistency - because it is cut at the source to the customer’s specification, the product received is the very same in location 1 as in location 700. This drives the customer experience with the very same product, simplifies the supply chain, and increases operational efficiency
  • Food Safety - cleaned and cut with a grower/processor following rigorous certifications and food safety controls
  • Traceability - Fresh Avenue’s fresh-cut items have labeling and QR codes printed on the bag and carton showing location, date, time, and line the product was prepared on
  • Sustainability - operators only receive ready-to-use products, significantly reducing kitchen waste. Also, there is about half of the carboard consumed with the packaging of fresh-cut vs. carton or whole product
  • Efficiency - efficiency for foodservice operators translates to increasing the kitchen’s output. Less labor is required as the product comes ready to use
  • Labor - fresh-cut frees back of house prep as the grower/processor handles the wash and cut process
  • Cost - fresh-cut evens out the price and brings more predictability to price

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