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GIANT's President Nicholas Bertram Eases Consumer Worries

GIANT's President Nicholas Bertram Eases Consumer Worries

CARLISLE, PA - On a daily basis, new reports come to light surrounding the COVID-19 virus, prompting industry operators to come together and collaborate to find solutions to common supply chain challenges. The GIANT Company, a popular omni-channel grocer, is doing its part to support others throughout this adverse situation, and the company’s President recently released a statement detailing GIANT’s actions.

Nicholas Bertram, President, The GIANT Company“We are in constant contact with our local and national supplier partners—the farmers, bakers, snack manufacturers, packaged-goods producers, and many other businesses, both large and small, that provide the goods we sell,” said Nicholas Bertram, President. “They stand with us in our commitment to service. As essential businesses, they will continue growing produce, supplying meat and fish, and stocking our shelves with necessary food and nonfood items, such as cleaning products and paper goods.”

As reported in The Philadelphia Inquirer, Bertram added in his statement that the grocer’s partners can rest assured as GIANT works around the clock to keep stores stocked with product. The company President also noted, however, that the success of these grocery chains also relies on shoppers.

The GIANT Company's President, Nicholas Bertram, released a statement detailing GIANT's actions to keep the supply chain running smoothly

“As grocers continue to do their part, as key products return to our shelves, we turn to our customers to help us by asking all to limit their purchases to what they truly need right now,” Bertram continued. “Some Americans have been stockpiling goods such as toilet paper, frozen food, and canned goods. Keeping a small stash of shelf-stable products and paper goods at home is always something we recommend, but at this time, it’s turned into something more: panic-buying.”

Bertram places an emphasis on the importance of working together during this time to ensure the safety and well-being of all, recognizing key entities that have helped maintain our supply chain thus far.

“The need of food banks like Philabundance has never been greater or more real, as they work to ensure the most vulnerable members of our communities have access to food—one less thing for them to worry about in this period of uncertainty,” he concluded.

It is essential statements like this that keep our industry inspired to work through this challenge and come out stronger on the other side. Visit the news source linked above to read Bertram’s statement in full.

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