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The Giumarra Companies' Gary Caloroso Discusses Tight Avocado Market and Retail Opportunities

The Giumarra Companies' Gary Caloroso Discusses Tight Avocado Market and Retail Opportunities

LOS ANGELES, CA - Spring might not officially begin until March 19, but that’s approaching at a clip faster than many of us realize. As retailers gear up for spring promotions, an essential fruit will be taking center stage. Which green goddess could I be thinking of? Why, she goes by no other name than that of avocado. To find out what the current avocado market looks like, I tapped Gary Caloroso, Giumarra’s Regional Business Development Director.

Gary Caloroso, Regional Business Development Director, The Giumarra Companies“The avocado market is currently tight but it will loosen up as we enter spring,” Gary shared with me. “Late spring and early summer should see promotable volumes of avocados as Mexico, California, and Peru will all have available volume.”

Gary reported high quality across the board for these volumes, noting that weather has not negatively affected any of the crop.

In order to take advantage of the promotable volumes soon to come, Gary additionally shared a few tips with me.

The Giumarra Companies’ Gary Caloroso shared what a tight avocado market means for retail promotions

“Retailers will increase avocado sales by offering lots of choices to consumers, such as advertising various levels of ripeness—avocados ready now vs. ready in a few days—and showing off avocados in various sizes, like bulk and bagged avocados. And don’t forget to display both conventional and organic options!” Gary remarked.

As we continue to look toward the budding retail opportunities that spring affords, keep reading AndNowUKnow for the latest.

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