Grubhub and Restaurant Strong Fund Announce New Program to Provide $2 Million in Restaurant Support This Winter

Grubhub and Restaurant Strong Fund Announce New Program to Provide $2 Million in Restaurant Support This Winter

CHICAGO, IL AND BOSTON, MA - With indoor dining limited in many cities and states due to COVID-19 regulations, restaurants have had to move their operations outside to keep things operating. With winter fast approaching, Grubhub and The Greg Hill Foundation’s Restaurant Strong Fund have announced their new Restaurant Winterization Grant that will provide $10,000 grants to eligible independent restaurants to help them prepare for winter dining.

Grubhub is investing $2 million in the new program from its Grubhub Community Relief Fund, a donor-advised fund that was established in March to give support to charities that help restaurants, delivery drivers, and those in need.

Seth Priebatsch, Chief Revenue Officer, Grubhub (Photo credit: Restaurant Leadership Conference)"This winter will be different than any one before, with the restaurants we know and love needing more support to get through the season," said Seth Priebatsch, Chief Revenue Officer at Grubhub. "Our partnership with the Restaurant Strong Fund—already instrumental in providing grants for restaurant employee relief earlier in the pandemic—is now responding to the needs of restaurants and providing valuable support to help them survive the challenging months ahead."

The grants will go toward helping restaurants address additional infrastructure needs, equipment for outdoor dining, increasing personal protective equipment (PPE), and other necessities to help independent restaurants thrive during the winter months, according to a press release.

Greg Hill, Founder, The Greg Hill Foundation"What Grubhub has done already to support thousands of restaurant owners and their employees has been instrumental in helping them make it through work interruptions during the pandemic," said Greg Hill, Founder of The Greg Hill Foundation. "With this next phase, they will ensure that countless restaurants have a fighting chance to make it through winter. We can't thank them enough for their initiative and drive to help."

Beginning on November 9, the Restaurant Strong Fund started accepting grant applications from restaurants in Chicago, New York, Boston, and Philadelphia that have five or fewer locations. The applications will be accepted through November 21 and grants will be distributed by the end of the month.

Grubhub has announced it will be partnering with The Greg Hill Foundation’s Restaurant Strong Fund to launch the  Restaurant Winterization Grant that will provide $10,000 to eligible independent restaurants

Those interested in applying can click here for more information.

Already donating over $13 million through its Donate to Change program, Grubhub and its partners continue to make a difference in the lives of those affected by the pandemic, leaving us to wonder what other steps will the company take as it continues to lend a helping hand.

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