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H-E-B Tests New Fast Scan Technology

H-E-B Tests New Fast Scan Technology

TEXAS - Welcome to the future. These are the signs I imagine in big, bright lights as H-E-B pilots its new “Fast Scan” checkout technology. With the implementation of this tech, shoppers will be able to run their cart through a machine, which will scan everything inside and allow for quick and easy payment.

“At H-E-B, we continue to evaluate and utilize innovative technologies in all parts of our business," H-E-B said in a statement to My San Antonio. "This checkout option is part of a limited pilot program we’re currently testing internally with our Partners.”

H-E-B is testing Fast Scan checkout technology in a pilot phase

According to the source, the new Fast Scan technology is currently in a pilot phase exclusively with the store's partners or employees.

H-E-B first introduced this innovative Fast Scan model in 2013, employing new technology that allowed shoppers to place their products on a conveyor belt for easy scanning. In 2018, the retail chain implemented H-E-B Go, which allows customers to scan their items throughout their shopping trip and then pay via an app.

While it has yet to be announced what stores will be the first to fully integrate this new technology, AndNowUKnow will keep a close watch and report on any key advancements to this revolutionary retail strategy.