Hazel Technologies Bolsters Table Grape Quality for Grapeman Farms; Stacy Lessel and Jared Lane Detail

Hazel Technologies Bolsters Table Grape Quality for Grapeman Farms; Stacy Lessel and Jared Lane Detail

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CHICAGO, IL - Continuing to bolster its arsenal of supply-side partners, Hazel Technologies has welcomed a new grower into the fold. The solutions provider has teamed up with Grapeman Farms to help uphold its reputation for consistent, year-round delivery of quality fruit to the United States. The Hazel 100™ product has already proven its ability to protect green color and prevent dehydration of table grape stems, making this a partnership to rival.

Stacey Lessel, PNW Account Executive, Hazel Technologies“Grapeman has a great product; working with them to keep quality levels high is rewarding. The ‘eating experience’ is typically centered around taste and texture. That said, consumers want to see that the fruit looks visually fresh before they ever take a bite. Hazel 100 has been a game changer for grape growers and retailers and has given them a whole new ability to elevate that ‘experience’ by keeping the stems vibrant and beautiful. High-quality stems translate to more sales and profits, and less food waste,” said Stacy Lessel, PNW Account Executive at Hazel.

Since its founding almost 50 years ago, Grapeman has expanded its supply network along most of the Western Hemisphere. The grower is trusted by seven of the top 10 largest retail grocers in the U.S., according to a press release.

Hazel Technologies has teamed up with Grapeman Farms to uplift the provider’s table grape portfolio through its flagship Hazel 100™ product

In commercial trials with Hazel 100, Grapeman found the usage of the technology protected stem quality across multiple different table grape varieties and colors.

“As an operation that supplies 365 days a year, long-term storage, either domestic or in import/export, is core to our business and something that we’re really good at,” Jared Lane, Vice President of Marketing at Grapeman, explains. “But regardless of how well you handle the fruit during storage or how great it tastes, stems have a tendency to dehydrate over time, which makes the grapes look less appetizing and less fresh. With Hazel 100, we’ve found that our stems stay green and fresh longer. The longer they’re in storage, the more you see the results.”

If you are trotting around the show floor at the Global Produce & Floral Show, be sure to visit Hazel Technologies at booth #1256.

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