Hy-Vee Annoucing Plans for its Second Twin Cities Store

Hy-Vee Annoucing Plans for its Second Twin Cities Store

DES MOINES, IOWA - Hy-Vee is taking one step closer towards its long term goal of becoming a larger presence in the Midwestern retail market with the announcement of plans to build its second Twin Cities location in Oakdale, Minnesota. Hy-Vee is currently negotiating a contract to build a new, full-line supermarket in the downtown city area and local residents and politicians are excited to welcome Hy-Vee into their community.

Carmen Sarrack, Oakdale Mayor

“We could not be more delighted that Hy-Vee is choosing Oakdale for one of its first metro stores. Hy-Vee will be a wonderful addition to our city for years to come,” said Oakdale Mayor Carmen Sarrack.

Jay Marshall, Executive Vice President of Hy-Vee's eastern region seconded this enthusiasm.

“The City of Oakdale has embraced us, and we look forward to demonstrating the quality customer service, culinary expertise and health and wellness features that our stores offer,” he revealed in a company press release. “When we enter a community, we want to become part of that community. We’re excited about this new store allowing us the opportunity to build those relationships while serving residents’ grocery needs.”

According to a press release, Hy-Vee plans on ramping up this expansion in the immediate future, adding several new Twin Cities locations each year for the next several years.

These expansion plans come during a strong month for Hy-Vee in which the retailer was recently named as the 'First-Ever Regional Grocery Store Brand of the Year' by a Harris Poll of American consumers. Hy-Vee polled first among Midwestern retail chains because it “has strong Purchase Consideration scores and very 'connected consumers,' meaning they have strong feelings for the brand and believe it's a good fit for them," said Michael Treboni, Executive Vice President of Retail Professional Services at Nielsen.

Judging by their response to the new location, the residents of Oakdale would certainly agree with this sentiment it seems.

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